How President Trump’s Rushed Jabs Have Saved Humanity

When PURE EVIL unleashed the pandemic, the plan was to impose mandatory vaccines on all of humanity. If that were to happen, the entire planet would become one huge prison state. Life would only be possible with a vaccine passport, and all of us would be slaves of those who mandate all future jabs, and there would be no way out.

Jabs would become the only key to a normal life.

Facebook’s planted frontman Mark Zuckerberg was caught on camera, admitting in an insider meeting with his staff that the mRNA jabs alter our DNA, which is why he censors anyone talking about this on his PURE EVIL-owned platform. The motive behind this will be revealed in due time.

How is it best to stop mandatory jabs? Simple: by making sure the things aren’t certified. Trump’s rushed jabs are uncertified because years of animal experiments and clinical trials are needed to prove that the things give permanent protection and have NO dangerous side effects.

Also, if there’s a proven cheaper and effective alternative to any jab, then the jab won’t be needed. There are PROVEN remedies for respiratory infections like COVID through therapeutics, such as those which cured President Trump and his wife in late 2020. That means no COVID-19 vaccine can ever become mandatory.


That’s why President Trump rushed the development of an experimental vaccine before the 2020 election and promoted cures and therapeutics for the not novel virus. By doing that, he effectively removed every legal base for vaccine mandates in America. If there’s an alternative, no vax can be mandated.

Now you know why every single cure for Covid has been suppressed by the PURE EVIL. That’s also why many medical doctors who successfully treat Covid patients have been censored. PURE EVIL desperately needs to hide the cures because its plans DEPEND upon mandatory vaccines forever.

Trump can boast all he wants about having introduced at lightning speed an uncertified experimental vaccine because he knows it’ll never be made mandatory. If the experimental jab were made mandatory, then all Hell would break loose under the Nuremberg Code. So when he tweeted about the cures for Covid, he threw a big rock at PURE EVIL. He tweeted the famous White Coat Summit by America’s Frontline Doctors, where safe and effective Covid-cures were presented to the world, eradicating the need for a vaccine. The live broadcast was viewed twenty million times. However, as expected, this group of medical doctors was censored by PURE EVIL’S assets Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

President Trump made it very clear to the world that ‘Nobody needs a vaccine. There are cures. No vaccines can be mandated.’

Unfortunately, PURE EVIL’S scamming mainstream media assets had severely brainwashed around two-thirds of people. They are the TV addicts and have been filled will propaganda since the 1990s when PURE EVIL began its hidden agenda to get rid of 90% of the world’s population.

For decades the scamming mainstream media and blackmailed or bribed health institutions have spread the lie that vaccines are the only way to stay healthy and defeat infectious diseases. The ignorant plebeians sucked it all in, and now many demand vaccines for any ailment.

Here’s the thing: knowing that only a vaccine would be able to end the lockdowns, and therefore, PURE EVIL’S ‘Great Reset,’ Trump simply began pushing his rapidly produced but experimental vaccines, then tweeted this right after his first announcement of the Pfizer vaccine:

“I wish people would stop killing themselves.”

That says it all.

No medical experiment can EVER be mandated. So, PURE EVIL’S plans to impose vaccine mandates were sabotaged. We know that the jabs being issued worldwide are an


The jab is not a vaccine but an untested, experimental biological agent. So whatever you do, DON’T TAKE THIS.

The rushed vaccines have skipped all necessary safety testing. We can now see they are causing way more adverse events than planned, which is alarming humanity. Due to this rushed dangerous vaccine, which has more adverse events than any vaccine ever, billions of people are now learning, for the first time in their lives, about the devastating risks of vaccines in general. There is now a growing possibility of vaccines being banned from the face of the Earth.

President Trump can never say publicly how bad vaccines are. He gave the world ‘vaccines’ to end PURE EVIL’S lockdowns and its goal of destroying humanity.

Of course, he needs to say they are ‘safe and effective,’ but even this is waking up the world, as people hear the claim ‘safe and effective’ while around them they see the destruction these vaccines are causing. It’s undermining their blind faith in the governments and ‘health’ institutions, which is again a massive blow on the stronghold of PURE EVIL’S control over the world.

The globalists are freaking because this wasn’t their plan. The scamming mainstream media will now cry out in a frenzy:

“The vaccines actually don’t protect you, but we still need the lockdowns because you can still get and transmit COVID-19.”

Total BS. It’s insanity gone insane. Still, there will remain some deeply brainwashed people who’ll believe this crap. Who on Earth wants to take a medical experiment that doesn’t even do anything?’ So more and more people are asking questions, which is the last thing PURE EVIL needs.

Now you can see how the strategic steps taken by Donald Trump are wreaking havoc on the plans of the corrupt globalists under the umbrella of PURE EVIL.


Tragically, people suffer from these experimental jabs. The jabs aren’t vaccines. But let’s be honest: the amount of information warning the world about these vaccines is so immense, so overwhelming that it’s become a conscious choice of many people to DENY the truth. That’s why President Trump said on Twitter:

“I wish people would stop killing themselves.”

They walk into their own doom. Trump told everyone that no vaccines are needed because there are cures. Everyone with an ear heard that. Then he had to play the wargame to stop PURE EVIL by pushing an experimental vax that can never be mandated, yet it should help end the lockdowns.

Now you understand the kind of war we’re in and the strategic way that Trump moved in order to save lives. But, unfortunately, many of those who chose not to listen have died or suffered from the experimental jabs.

Stop the lockdowns, and PURE EVIL’S plan fails, and freedom will be restored.

Now that the truth about the stolen election is being revealed with the audits, PURE EVIL is panicking. Expect many temper tantrums and rattles being thrown out of the pram as PURE EVIL’S decades-long nefarious activities become exposed. Of course, the election theft was part of PURE EVIL’S plan. The deep state actor George Soros made it clear during his speech at the World Economic Forum:

“Trump is a threat that will disappear in 2020.”

Trump can’t prove the steal, but US citizens doing the audits can. He has stepped aside while people like Mike Lindell produce epic documentaries proving the theft. BAM! He can’t be accused of refusing to accept his election defeat while independent citizens are doing the work.

The revealing of the election steal also reveals all the corrupt politicians under the iron fist of PURE EVIL. We now can see all the true faces, which Trump knew were traitors all along. All the corruption is being exposed.

We’re witnessing a very smart operation being worked out that’ll eventually save America, and ultimately the entire world.

Leaders from 28 nations have asked President Trump to help them defend freedom in their countries. If the lockdowns continue, every country will be plunged into extreme poverty.

Some say that Trump serves the dark side, but that doesn’t line up. The fact that entire Satanic cults the world over have stood up to curse Trump publicly shows how the realm of darkness hates him. If he were on their side, the Satanists would never attack him as they do.

The hatred of the PURE EVIL’S barking dog mainstream media mouthpiece against President Trump shows clearly in which camp he is. The media only bash their enemies. Even the collaboration between several nations worldwide to steal the election is solid evidence of how President Trump is a threat to PURE EVIL.

The day when the election is revisited will be when the righteous President - overwhelmingly chosen by the people - will be acknowledged. Until then, we’re in a difficult period of waiting and watching. We’re witnessing the final battle for the salvation of humanity, even though the war has been won.

Everyone can play a part by spreading the truth and supporting freedom fighters.

When we all form ONE VOICE worldwide, nothing will stop us.