The Constitution

Washington Constitutional Convention 1787

A CONSTITUTION is the PRINCIPLES and LAWS of a nation, state, or social group DETERMINING the administrative body’s (government’s) POWERS and DUTIES and GUARANTEEING certain RIGHTS to the people.

A CONSTITUTION is a WRITTEN and SEALED INSTRUMENT embodying the RULES of a political or social organization. In other words, the MAGNA CARTA, as a WRITTEN and SEALED document, is the constitution of the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

The Magna Carta as a Written Constitution

The GREAT CHARTER is also the constitution of ALL Commonwealth nations and territories, and has been so for over 800 years.

So, there is absolutely no way that any domestic or foreign infiltrator, whether an individual, politician, Prime Minister, President of a listed Corporation, select groups such as the WEF or the WHO, or TRAITORS, can alter the constitution that is the MAGNA CARTA LIBERTATUM. The ONLY way that this constitution can be annulled is via the MAJORITY CONSENT of the people of a state, nation, principality, or territory, and WRITTEN down as an INSTRUMENT.

Hearsay, statues, laws, amendments, sneaky hidden deals and corrupt practices done by select groups that push through statues as acts DO NOT and will NEVER represent constitutional change.

A CHARTER is a WRITTEN grant by the SOVEREIGN or legislative power of a country, state, or territory by which its ELECTED body (ORGANIZATION) is FOUNDED or its RIGHTS and PRIVILEGES defined. It MUST be RATIFIED by the MAJORITY of the people residing in that country, state, or territory, or belonging to the organization.

In the case of the Magna Carta, that charter was agreed upon by the sovereign, King James, and the barons, who represented the people of the nation following the conquest of the islands by the Normans led by King William I. In those days, reliable communication was minimal, and the barons simply did the RIGHT thing for the good of the people of nation.

Had there been a referendum in 1215, it would have been unanimously agreed upon by every serf, peasant, and bonded individual. That is why the Magna Carta is the CONSTITUTIONAL FOUNDATION of so many countries worldwide. It is the DONE THING. It is fair and right. It guarantees individual FREEDOM within the LAWS and ORDERS.

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