SOVEREIGNTY is a political CONCEPT that refers to DOMINANT power or SUPREME AUTHORITY

In a monarchy, supreme power resides in the “SOVEREIGN” or Monarch.

In MODERN DEMOCRACIES, sovereign power rests with the PEOPLE, and it APPEARS to be exercised through REPRESENTATIVE bodies such as CONGRESS or PARLIAMENT.

Today, in the UK/Britain, Parliament is supposed to consist of elected individuals who represent the PEOPLE who permit them to VOICE their concerns/opinions in the PARLIAMENT debating chamber. That is called DEMOCRACY – a system of ‘government’ by the PEOPLE or all the eligible members of a state, typically through ELECTED representatives who do the job given to them. They are NOT elected to milk taxpayers and become career politicians. Unfortunately, most are career politicians and readily succumb to the bribery of nasty foreign (ENEMY) lobby groups. They then become TRAITORS.

Unfortunately, since 2019, the Conservative government has gone astray and, through the Coronavirus Act, assumed SOVEREIGNTY. It is a TREASONOUS Act. It stole the sovereignty of the British people right under their noses. And hardly anyone said anything. THIS WEBSITE DID. But who listened? Hardly anyone.

This website pumped it all out, but visitors were distracted by the brainwashing TV, Facebook, and other forms of inane entertainment while the STEAL happened right under their very noses. SHAME ON YOU ALL. Now that you’ve been jabbed by the Nuremberg Code-busting clot shots, you’ve got disabilities, haven’t you? And don’t say otherwise. You’ve all got strange health problems after stupidly taking the Deep State genocidal jabs. But let’s not digress.

Enemy Infiltration

Somehow, amidst the mayhem of a staged Brexit following the 2016 referendum and the pre-planned globalist Deep State Covid-19 hoax campaign to usher in a TYRANNICAL Orwellian New World Order (NWO) led by Klaus Schwab’s (he’s a Rothschild) WEF, the dumbing down of mind-controlled, brainwashed-by-TV’ sheeples,’ and numerous ‘Wag the Dog’ events, all manner of DISTRACTIONS to smother the TREASON by both bribed and blackmailed Parliamentarians, plus the invasion of ‘military-trained’ 18-30 year-olds from Turkey and NATO that are now housed in comfort in UK hotels while Britain’s homeless are on the streets begging for food and somewhere to stay, the SOVEREIGNTY of the people of these islands has been STOLEN from them.

The same has happened in EVERY Commonwealth and European country.

The blatant act of TREASON by the scamsters masquerading as Parliamentarians, who were INSTALLED during the latest RIGGED election and are present in ALL political parties, will NOT go unpunished.

The people of this sceptred isle are SOVEREIGN, and no fakers and scamsters can change that. Indeed, the prospective King Charles III is NOT who he claims to be. Who he is, in reality, will be revealed in time. That will be when the RIGHTFUL heir to England’s throne will be made public.

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