The Coronation Oath

Edward VII takes the coronation oath 1902

Edward VII taking the oath at his coronation in 1902

The Coronation Oath taken by the Monarch must NOT allow foreigners to interfere with the common people’s freedom, for that would be an act of treason.

This is why, when Prince Charles takes the Coronation Oath on Saturday, 6 May 2023, at Westminster Abbey, which requires him to PROTECT THE RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS GIVEN TO THE PEOPLE by the CONSTITUTION, he can NOT support the policies of organizations OUTSIDE of these islands.

The prospective King has been OPENLY supporting the World Economic Forum (WEF), which advocates UNLAWFUL policies that will INFRINGE on the FREEDOMS of the people, such as Digital IDs and Digital Currencies. That tears up the MAGNA CARTA LIBERTATUM. Unless the prospective King RETRACTS his association with the WEF invaders, he CANNOT LEGALLY take the Coronation Oath as it would be UNLAWFUL under the constitution and a CONTRADICTION.

In effect, the King will be committing TREASON.

The LAST King to do that to his people, his namesake, King CHARLES I, was BEHEADED

Even still, by also pushing digital IDs and CBDC digital (worthless fiat funny money) currencies, Members of Parliament are committing TREASON.

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