24 August 2021

The pharmaceutical outfit called Moderna is at the time of writing this short article in the third and final stage of its kill shot for the hoax COVID-19 jab development…

Guess who the very first CEO of Moderna was?

None other than the esteemed Ivy League Cornell University graduate Anthony Fauci

The infamous German company IG Farben, known for manufacturing Zyklon-B – the gas used to kill MILLIONS during the Nazi Holocaust – was rebranded as Moderna... has the penny dropped yet?

When Nazi Germany supposedly fell in 1945, IG Farben was sold off by the Nazi-turned-American George Soros, rebranded as Moderna.

None other than Jeffrey Epstein was the chief stockholder of Moderna until his recent ‘supposed’ death. Epstein made his fortune and established his connections while at Moderna.

Put 1 + 1 together, people… then: