Gradual Disclosure

Gradual disclosure

Gradual Disclosure

Q. Many of the unawake and unaware are good-hearted people. Rumors abound that the full truth will never come out all at once because it is just too disturbing. Disclosure of the horrors behind child trafficking, pedophilia, and Satanism by the elite, the willful manufacture of biological weapons of mass destruction to depopulate the planet, and other nasty things, will cause MORE HARM than good.

So, the question is, how do the asleep LEARN from the mistakes they are UNAWARE of that they made?

If the masses are not made aware of the atrocities that have occurred, then what reason do they have to make a fundamental change to their way of life and take responsibility for it?

A. The answer is that through EDUCATION over time, it is possible to move a community to FULL understanding.

The awake and aware would like full disclosure RIGHT NOW because they CAN take it. However, the vast majority of the unaware will NOT be able to take it. That's because the mental damage done to the clueless would be too much for the economy to bear. For example, if 40 to 50 percent of people don't make it to their jobs because of mental breakdown caused by what they learned, there is no way society could function. That's the brutal truth, which is why the so-called white hats are in NO RUSH to move things on.

So, the best way to go about TELLING the TRUTH of what has been going on behind people's backs for years and years is to provide JUST ENOUGH information so that the MIND FRAME of the MAJORITY unawake and unaware is such that they realize that they have been TRICKED and that they have to go down a particular path to BREAK FREE from the deliberate mind control. Then, OVER TIME, introduce them to the more DIFFICULT elements.

When the totally unaware are suddenly hit with TRUTH BOMBS, they angrily shout, "I don't want to hear it!" We see that all the time. It causes friendships to break up, even between family members. And it makes a sad world.

That's NOT what we want, so it's a matter of GRADUALLY educating the unaware about the truth.

How can people be asked to make any kind of decision if they DON'T have the FULL FACTS? If you don't have a level playing field, how can you ask anybody for their opinion if they LACK specific FACTS because they have only seen HALF of what has been going on?

It would be great if we could disclose the whole truth and nothing but the truth immediately, but that CAN'T happen without a SERIOUS RISK of MENTAL BREAKDOWN. So, it's best to release the truth in STAGES. The unaware need SUPPORTING. If we go around telling the truth and boasting things like "we told them so," it may make us feel better, but it DOESN'T HELP ONE TINY BIT.

So, the answer is to GRADUALLY educate people in a way that they are DRIP-FED the full truth OVER TIME. That's what we mean when we say, "Where We Go One, We Go All."


This website gradually spills the beans. Unfortunately, the unaware DON'T listen to it because their mind-controlled heads have been programmed by their fake news TVs with deliberate falsehoods. It is hard to teach old dogs new tricks. So, it has to be a WHOLE POPULATION MOVEMENT before most see the truth. TV and media are how they get taught these days. Had the fake news mainstream media been taken over at the beginning and the whole truth been spilled, there would likely be RIOTS and CIVIL WARS everywhere, and who knows where that would lead humanity.

When you hear things like Germany and the UK governments suddenly quietly mentioning that the Russian takeover of Ukraine is now inevitable, it is because there IS an actual CLEANUP operation going on there. The truth about what has been going on in that Hell-hole of a country will GRADUALLY be released. A sudden full disclosure to the public of child trafficking and other horrors there would do NO good.

The SLOW disclosure that's going on right now is the ONLY way to SAFELY guide the entire human race toward a better future. Massive changes are coming in the way people live, but they won't be done overnight. And no, it won't be toward the totalitarian world planned by the Khazarian Mafia deep state New World Order criminals.

Covid was done to show the world how evil the ruling elite are. People have now EXPERIENCED the nastiness of Western countries breaching the Nuremberg Code. They have been exposed to election fraud and can see the lies oozed out by the mainstream media. They have been bombarded by bad news after bad news to the point that they are now insensitive to atrocities like mass shootings carried out by mind-controlled individuals unaware of what they are doing. It's a sick planet that can only be healed GRADUALLY. To rush the healing will be a TERRIBLE mistake.

Little by little, the whole of world politics will change for the better as deception and lies are GRADUALLY exposed. It has to be this way, but because the sheer horrors of what the ruling elite have done for centuries are difficult to stomach, the vast majority have to be shielded lest they suffer a mental breakdown.


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