Google EXPOSED as a Jab Producer

12 December 2021 — Google Exposed

Google exposed

Google EXPOSED as a Jab producing OUTFIT and ILLEGAL HARVESTER of CONFIDENTIAL Health Data

Listen as Robert Kennedy EXPOSES Google - or shall we call it what it REALLY is - it's Big Brother owner, Alphabet, as a 'vaccine' company milking oodles of billions from the plandemic:

🔎 The slimy Google HEALTH DATA-HARVESTING outfit is affiliated with scamming Big Pharma companies. It has sister and shell outfits manufacturing jabs. This is how the slimy Big Tech Silicon Valley Big Brother snoopers PROFIT from ENGINEERED diseases like Covid-19'84.' There will NEVER be cures while these scumbags have their dirty little hands on people's CONFIDENTIAL health data. 🔍

The harvesting of what WE THE PEOPLE believe to be our PRIVATE medical data is a FELONY. They may say that they're watching people's online buying habits, but do you trust Google to tell the TRUTH about what they're REALLY up to in this soon-to-be TOTAL SURVEILLANCE world? That's if the NWO Deep State Nazis get their way (they won't).

Health and care records are confidential. Period. NOBODY can access them if they're unauthorized to do so.

For anyone to access someone's health records, the accessor must:

  • be acting on their behalf with their CONSENT, or
  • have LEGAL AUTHORITY to make decisions on their behalf (power of attorney), or
  • have another LEGAL BASIS for access

Confidential Health Data Protection

Every country has some form of LEGAL health Data Protection, so there should be NO WAY for Big Tech to access private health data. Yet the video hints this to be otherwise. If so, then this is SERIOUS - a HUGE crime is being committed.

Suppose it's found that the slimy Google and its ilk are SECRETLY HARVESTING people's health data via Internet-connected devices like computers, laptops, smartphones, etc. In that case, the felons MUST be arrested forthwith with immediate cessation of their businesses, thoroughly investigated, and dealt with accordingly.

Do YOU now trust your cherished Big Brother-supplied iPhone or Android devices? FOLLOW THE MONEY, people. Your apps aren't really FREE, are they? No, they always COME AT SOME HIDDEN COST—Sick planet.

"Do NO Evil"

"DO NO EVIL" is Google's original description of the company's behavior back in the 1980s and 90s. All friendly and trustworthy, all squeaky clean, and there to help people search for things online and for traders to find new markets while also providing them with FREE services paid for by Google's advertising programs. Nowt wrong with that - it's a good business model.

"Do Evil"

Fast forward to today, and it's all BS, Google. Your slogan has changed to "DO EVIL."

It's now all Orwellian 1984 MIND GAMES, and everyone seems to have fallen into a criminally-inspired trap to usher in Communism and Nazism. And all because the Chinese Communist Party took it over in league with the vile Deep State Nazi Rockefeller-funded startups like snooping Facebook, sneakily acquired video services like 'censoring' YouTube, and known eugenicists like the Rockefeller-funded, software-stealing, Bill Gates, who made his oodles of billions through the Microsoft monopoly and his invented computer viruses. There was never any competition between Microsoft and Google - it was all a sham and remains so. Now they're in the same bed—sick planet.

War Crimes

It's time to get real, people—time to expose Alphabet and its criminal rabble Nazi cohorts—then march the guilty to the WAR CRIMES TRIBUNALS ...

'Stealing private health data and flogging it for profit' - that's how low Google is today. The felons. It makes you wonder whether Gmail isn't secretly being harvested for health info as well. And what about all the other so-called freebie email providers? Where does it end?

Trust nothing and Follow the money.

Nowt is free on an Internet infiltrated with felons these days. A fresh start is needed, beginning with the takedown of criminal organizations harvesting private health data for PROFIT—sick planet.

Over the coming few months, everyone will have to ask: "Who the Hell should we trust if politicians, doctors, teachers, Big Tech, and the mainstream media can no longer be trusted? Why should we trust ANY alternative media sites? How do we know that even the alternatives are telling the truth?"

The simple answer is that you should ONLY put your trust in YOURSELF

Go and research things and make your own judgment based on your own integrity.

Don't be afraid of making the wrong decisions when you start to do that. If you go off the road, just learn from it and don't make the same mistake twice. Have the bottle to turn back when it's wrong. Those who keep making the same mistake ought to see a brain surgeon.

The reality is when you make correct decisions in life, that builds confidence. When confidence builds in you, it takes away FEAR. When you take away fear, you can actually see things. You feel calmer and happier because you know the TRUTH.

Things Aren't As Bad as they Seem

Behind the scenes worldwide, everything is actually incredibly POSITIVE, no matter how bad a picture is painted by corrupt and bought governments and the scamming mainstream media. There's no such thing as "My truth is better than your truth," that's a load of garbage. Every single one of us has a role to play in revealing the truth, and when it comes, the masses will know it. One person's view of the truth is likely a different aspect, that'll all.

The left-wing advocates have, since 9/11, lost the ability to LISTEN to other viewpoints. The corporate mainstream media refuses to discuss the narrative because they are OWNED BY those pumping out the fake narrative. The left is a LIAR, which is why everyone should switch off the lefty TV and radio news. Do that, coupled with some of YOUR OWN RESEARCH, and you'll quickly see the world in a more truthful DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE.

Be careful...

But be careful, don't rely on just one source of information - back it up from at least two other sources. Hopefully, this website and its links elsewhere help you with that.

Know when FELONIES are being committed and EXPOSE them, just like Robert Kennedy has done with the nasty health data harvesting activities of the Deep State's all-seeing-eye that masquerades as a search engine.

It is WE THE PEOPLE'S planet, not some lousy hidden hand narrative-pushing scumbags hiding in SWITZERLAND whose mouths are on that TRUTH-HIDING TV and radio. Check up on who actually owns social media sites. Do that, and you'll quickly discover who NOT to trust.

Google Exposed