Get Ready for the TRUTH

5 August 2021

This is it, folks, fingers crossed. When and where to find out the TRUTH about the stolen election. The time has come when PURE EVIL and its minions will be EXPOSED for ALL TO SEE. It’s time to understand WHY we HAD to experience the EVIL exuded by the monster behind all the atrocities worldwide.

Listen to this eight-minute video about why everyone on this planet HAD to suffer since the outbreak of the so-called killer flu virus called Covid and where and when to go in order to find out EVERYTHING. It’s basically a ‘what to do’ video and then to tell everyone you know WHERE to go to understand what it’s been all about. It’s ALL about EXPOSING EVIL and why no country anywhere in the world can move forward and get on with life until PURE EVIL has been exposed and DEFEATED once and for all.

Where we’re ALL going to is NO place for PURE EVIL to exist. It just CAN’T be allowed. WWG1WGA.

The video’s main points are summarized beneath it so you can pass on the info to others.

We’re in a spiritual war that has come to a head this last year and a half. It’s a SPIRITUAL BATTLE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS. When we get through this, even the non-believers will be part of this most historic revival.

We’re going to see miracles unfold. People don’t really believe anything until they actually witness it. Although the TV and presstitute media lies all the time and easily twist 75% of people into accepting what it says as being true (it hides the REAL truth), most of us have some nagging doubts.

Because people have no paladin to help and guide them, they’re very easily coerced and led down the wrong path by the lies and deceit pumping out from the newspapers they read and the TV and radios they watch and listen to. We the people have been enslaved to fiat money for so long (5,000+ years) that we accept our enslavement as being NORMAL. It’s NORMAL to work our butts off for a pittance while the elite few suck off our energies.

From 9 am 10 August 2021 and going through to the 12 August, there’s a place we must ALL go to in order to learn WHY this has happened and how we’re ALL going to recover and revive from this terrible deceit of EPIC PROPORTIONS.

It HAD TO HAPPEN for us all to get to the glorious place we’re ALL going. WWG1WGA.

It’s not about Republicans versus Democrats, or Labor versus Conservative versus Liberals, or black versus white, or races versus races, or religion versus religion. That DIVIDE AND CONQUER strategy is still being played by PURE EVIL to keep us enslaved. You know, Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory, the vaxed versus the unvaxed - it’s all utter bullshit to polarize people and make it easy for PURE EVIL to keep us enslaved.

It HAD TO HAPPEN this way. PURE EVIL is REVEALING ITSELF. It’s popping up all over the place. We the people have been BLINDED by darkness. We’ve been hoodwinked by scamming mainstream media, social media, Wikipedia, YouTube, etc., hypnotizing and brainwashing us, and stuffing crap down our throats.

We’re ALL looking for HOPE, and more and more of us are willing to listen to those who may provide some of it. We can’t take this Covid and vax trauma crap forever. More of us are becoming aware each passing day that something’s going to give way and that the light of GOOD will eventually replace the darkness of PURE EVIL.

We need the whole TRUTH. We don’t want anything in between. The BIG LIE is THE BIG LIE, and it’ll be exposed.

GREED overrides EVIL every time. When PURE EVIL senses something it wants, it’ll grab as much of it as it can because it’s GREEDY by its very nature. When it flipped the 2020 presidential US election in the swing states to get its puppet Biden into the White House, it didn’t flip it by just the right amount so that voters wouldn’t notice. Instead, it went full-on and flipped them so much that there were more votes for Biden than there were voters! Avarice is PURE EVIL’S downfall.

Over the 10th to 12 August 2021, the sheer level of election fraud during the 2020 election will be REVEALED for all to see. Not even the scamming mainstream media will be able to deny it. And since just one bit of fraud VITIATES EVERYTHING, it’ll be made obvious that Biden, the Democrats, and PURE EVIL STOLE the 2020 election from the electorate.

TREASON was committed. And since the very same method of STEALING elections has been used in most countries since 2004, it has become very clear that in the western world that the so-called democratically elected governments WEREN’T democratically elected AT ALL. The likes of Marie le Pen in France, and Nigel Farage in Britain had NO CHANCE of getting elected. Instead, those governments were installed by PURE EVIL. So, yes, folks, we’ve ALL been CONNED. We’ve all been CHEATED. Yet, the hardest thing to do is to admit that we've been conned.

The Cyber Symposium taking place starting 10 August has to be the BIGGEST EVER WATCHED in history because media suppression of the truth MUST be stopped. PURE EVIL OWNS the scamming mainstream media. That’s its biggest asset because, with it, it CONTROLS the narrative. With it, it suppresses free speech. It suppresses therapeutics and rigs elections. PURE EVIL owns Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Android, iPhone, big pharma, and the entire lying gutter press. There’s hardly anything these crazed asset management outfits and life insurance corporations haven’t got their dirty hands on. It’s the biggest cover-up of the biggest crime ever.

On 10 August at 9 am, go to However, don’t go there before the 10th because it’s currently an email and phone number grab! There’s always something behind promos. We the people just want the TRUTH about the election fraud out, so, hopefully, that’ll come beginning 10 August.

But don’t be surprised if things get delayed. The battle against PURE EVIL isn’t easy.