Everybody who CARES for the their HEALTH and that of their loved ones MUST watch the video below and truly understand the given information by former head Pfizer scientist  Dr. MICHAEL Yeadon



  • We are all for new safe, and effective remedies for illnesses, whether in medicinal form or by vaccination. However, any vaccine must give the vaccinated lasting immunity from a particular illness proven through extensive clinical trials. Only then can they be approved and patented.
  • We must NEVER accept unproven, uncertified, unverified substances ‘claimed’ to be remedies for illnesses, even via emergency mandates, as those break the Nuremberg Code set up and ratified by ALL NATIONS following the Nazi medical atrocity trials in The Hague after WW2.
  • What we’ve been told about Covid and what we needed to do to stay safe from it was simply NOT true. For example, there were enormous changes made to the attribution of the causes of death in the UK. The rule now is totally absurd, which says that those dying with 28 days of testing positive via an inappropriate microbiological test, then they must have died from Covid-19. It’s utter nonsense. Indeed, we know full well that PCR testing is unfit for purpose. (PURE EVIL was having these kits manufactured by the bucket load in the years leading up to the so-called Wuhan outbreak).
  • Lockdowns were completely unprecedented, being used to minimize contact between people and that the action was going to save us. Lockdowns are rubbish because people who are ill with infectious symptoms and a serious risk to other people will not be walking around in the community. If you’re full of viruses and symptomatic, you are ILL. Ill people tend to stay at home or in bed or go to the hospital. In the worst cases, they will die.
  • Everything the government has told us about this so-called virus, everything you need to do to stay safe, has been a LIE. None of the key themes you hear talked about, from asymptomatic transmission to top-up vaccines, is proven scientifically. Every piece is cleverly chosen adjacent to something that is true but is probably itself a lie. This clever manipulation of things most people are ignorant of has led us to where we are now.
  • Lockdown is a phrase used to control unruly prisoners – it’s a CONTROL measure. All that has happened these last 17 months is to do with CONTROL.
  • Asymptomatic transmission is MYTH. It’s simply untrue. All people who are sources of infection are ILL and will not be walking around the streets – apart from those idiots with coughs and sneezes due to the common cold, which miraculously, these past 17 months has vanished. Those with colds and flu now have Covid instead.
  • People in government, their advisors, ministers, people on TV have LIED. It’s all about CONTROL.
  • All PCR test results are fraudulent. They’re amplified perhaps up to a trillion times and carried out in a rote manner by bored copy-and-paste technicians who haven’t a clue what they’re doing. You can’t run a delicate test like PCR on an industrial scale and expect the results to be meaningful. The people behind PCR testing refuse to accept the fact that the test produces false-positive results. So, disregard all announcements about case rates in communities because they’re completely fraudulent. As soon as the fraud is exposed, you get censorship, insults, and icky stuff on social media written by shills hired by the fraudsters.
  • When talked to privately, educated doctors, nurses, and scientists agree that the whole Covid thing is a hoax, but publicly they don’t want to be seen to challenge the government narrative. People look the other way; the more people that do that, the easier it is for the entire fraudulent narrative to continue unopposed. Anyone who then speaks out is labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist’ by the fraudsters. They get hit with smear campaigns and called anti-vaxers and other intimidatory names.
  • Everyone’s lives are currently being STOLEN by a systematic Nazi process of FEAR and CONTROL that will culminate in some very horrible times. WAKE UP, EVERYBODY!
  • We’re all used to politicians lying to us a few times, but when they repeatedly lie about checkable technical things for over a year and a half, the truth WILL eventually come out. But when the politicians aren’t interrogated, there’s obviously something else afoot. They’re under the control of something – that something is PURE EVIL. If we don’t pay attention, we’ll soon be unable to do much about it.
  • We CAN take our societies back now. Forget masks as they don’t work. Lockdowns never slow transmission of anything, apart from preventing prisoners escaping.
  • Avoid inadequately tested somewhat dangerous gene-based spike protein-inducing jabs. You don’t need to do what corrupt 'mathemagicians' posing as scientific advisors to governments tell us to do. If people in the next few weeks allow the treasonous government to bring vax passports, you will have LOST YOUR SOCIETY. Understand that vax passports break the Nuremberg Code.
  • The mass testing of people with no symptoms has no underpinning in science at all and is just a Nazi way of frightening people. It’s an outright invention that you can show no symptoms and be ill. There’s no history of this blatant LIE.
  • Clearly, something else is happening. Worldwide the people are being lied to by their governments. Every country is affected. It’s up to EVERYONE to shout out and ask questions of those who are supposed to represent and protect them. We’ve been subjected to Nazi propaganda and lies by evil people that have been trained to do that. If you find just one thing your government has told you that isn’t true, would you believe anything else they say? Fraud vitiates everything.
  • These days, governments are still the main funding bodies of universities, but they tend to decide on directional themes often agreed upon internationally. If research falls into one of those themes, it’ll likely get funded; otherwise, it’ll be starved out. The only other source of funding is from large private institutions. In the UK, the biggest one is the Medical Research Council, which holds public money. Another one is the Wellcome Trust. So, academic research now has to toe the line in order to get funded. When there are certain thematic areas pursued by funding or endowments and scholarships from private foundations, those are the areas researchers have to work in. In other words, researchers are easy meat for nefarious people. That’s why the researchers don’t contest the Covid narrative. If they do, their grants get pulled. In other words, they’re BLACKMAILED to do as they’re told … by PURE EVIL. As a result, researchers are easily pushed around by politicians and those with LOTS OF FIAT MONEY. You’ll be naïve to believe that scientists desperate to hold onto their jobs are honest and independent.
  • It’s all about money. Control the cash flow, and you control the narrative. Remove the ability to print fiat money backed by thin air, replace it with gold-backed currencies, and the narrative will quickly fall apart. Shush! Keep quiet!
  • Virus immunity doesn’t rely on antibodies because viruses exist inside cells and are nano in size. On the other hand, antibodies are huge molecules existing outside of cells. They’re in separate compartments, so all that talk about antibody levels is just hogwash. Therefore, the emphasis on antibodies is a psychological operation to hide from plebeians the fact that it’s viral cellular T-cell immunity that counts. This isn’t new; we’ve known this for decades. It is T-cells that defend against respiratory viruses, NOT antibodies. So all these immune-system boosting quack lemony and needle tea ideas DON'T work against viruses. Viruses bind to receptors on cells and inject themselves into those cells. We fight off viruses by having T-cell or cellular immunity; we all have cells trained to detect virus-infected cells and which kill those cells. That’s how we defend ourselves against viruses. It has nothing to do with antibodies. Having a high antibody count means you’ve overcome a recent bacterial infection. For viral infections, a high count isn’t important.
  • The virus variant narrative is just another outright lie. The immune system has multiple components due to various infectious threats like parasites, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. These invade and threaten you in completely different ways. We’ve all got various ways of handling external threats. So, the emphasis on antibodies for respiratory viral infections is WRONG, and we should dismiss the lies. Instead, the narrative should be about acquiring T-cell immunity.
  • The risks of airborne viruses moving from country to country are highly exaggerated. For example, flu affects 0.1% of the world’s population, but most people who die from it are 80+ years old. Coronavirus is less harmful to the under the 70s than flu, so why the heck do we smash societies and economies for that? Because it’s a bigger risk to the very old and the already ill? Sounds ridiculous. It was never necessary for any of us to have done lockdowns, face masks, PCR testing. There are many therapeutic drugs that are more effective than vaccines and which are much, much cheaper. For example, inhaled corticosteroids reduce asthma symptoms by 90%. So you don’t need expensive vaccines to reduce respiratory symptoms. Governments and their current crop of 'mathemagical so-called scientific advisors' have lied to us for over a year and produced mayhem for societies and economies.
  • Just in: Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies says that Google/YouTube has blacklists censoring CURES FOR CANCER.
  • When viruses like SARS COVID-2 replicate, they can make typographical errors to produce virus variants. However, the greatest variant from the sequence identified in Wuhan is only 0.3% different from SARS COVID-2. Patents for SARS and Covid viruses were filed years ago, so we have evidence nailing the culprits behind the COVID war against the people of the world. The invented Delta variant is 99.7% IDENTICAL to the original one Covid-2. That amount of difference is not possible to represent another strain of the virus. Therefore, our T-cells will easily get rid of it – if it exists, which it doesn’t because the original SARS Covid-2 virus hasn’t even been isolated nor has its purine/pyrimidine sequence been 100% determined. Any SARS COV-2 variant is still SARS COV-2 and won’t be any bother to us. LIES have been told by the media, by compromised medics and politicians. PURE EVIL is behind all this. The original man-made SARS virus is 80% similar to SARS COVID-2. People who were infected by SARS 17 years ago still have memory T-cells in their blood that will recognize another SARS infection. The same T-cells recognized SAR COVID-2 and quickly dealt with it. So, even if a variant turns out to be 20% different than Covid, our bodies WILL quickly get rid of it because most people in the world have already been exposed to it. YOUR GOVERNMENT HAS LIED TO YOU ABOUT FUTURE LOCKDOWNS DUE TO THE SPREAD OF COVID VARIANTS.
  • So, why is big pharma making top-up jabs? YOU SHOULD BE TERRIFIED OF THAT. There’s absolutely no possible justification for their manufacture. The jabs will be used to KILL YOU. There’s NO OTHER REASON FOR THIS THAN A BLATANT ATTEMPT AT MASS DEPOPULATION. There are warehouses with millions of body bags around the world. With the boosters, people will DIE. PURE EVIL is behind all this.
  • Once you’ve been infected with ANY virus, you’re IMMUNE to it. There’s NO uncertainty about it.
  • Vaccine passports are essential against lethal diseases like yellow fever that can wipe out communities. These vaccines provide 100% protection, and the yellow fever passports make sure that no one brings back the fever and spreads it because no one in the community will have immunity to it. Once vaccinated, your yellow fever card will tell others that you have yellow fever immunity for life. No one needs a passport for a common respiratory virus because there are NO health safety issues associated with benign things like Covid coronavirus. The only thing that a Covid passport will do is provide COMPLETE CONTROL over YOUR MOVEMENTS to whoever controls the database to which your vaccination status is connected. This will take over you in a way George Orwell never dreamed of.
  • It’s going to be on a smartphone app and will be the world’s first database containing your name, a unique ID in the same format as everyone else on the planet, and an editable health-related flag. Your Certificate Of Vaccination ID (COVID) will control everything you do for the rest of your life. First, it’ll be for places of large crowd gatherings. Then it’ll be for shops and supermarkets. IS THIS A WORLD IN WHICH YOU WANT TO LIVE? NO JAB, NO FOOD? WHEN THE CONTROLLER WANTS YOU KILLED, YOU’LL THEN GET A LETHAL INJECTION THAT YOU THINK WILL BE YOUR NEXT PASSPORT TO THE SHOPS. HOW EVIL CAN IT GET?
  • A Covid passport is COERCIVE PRESSURE on everyone. It’s ILLEGAL for any government to coerce people to accept any medical treatment as it’s against the Nuremberg Code that was put in place after Nazis were convicted of performing experiments on people, including lethal experiments. That code PREVENTS governments or ANYONE doing experiments on people against their will. The Covid jabs are all EXPERIMENTAL and their use breaks the Nuremberg Code. 
  • DON’T LET IN THE PASSPORT SYSTEM. Who wants to be pinged one day to go and get a top-up jab? It’s worse than Auschwitz. The controllers are Nazis. If you choose not to get a potentially lethal jab, then you won’t be able to go shopping or even go out for a beer or wine. Vaccine passports have NOTHING to do with safety or health and everything to do with living in an authoritarian world. This system is being put in place over LIES to give PURE EVIL complete totalitarian control with a MASS DEPOPULATION agenda. It’s DELIBERATE EXECUTIONMASS MURDER of potentially BILLIONS of people. There is no other interpretation.
  • If we allow the system to get up and running, there will be no way back. We’ve all been frightened to death and censored when we speak out. It’s a GLOBAL FRAUD.
  • Collectively we need to do something UNEXPECTED by PURE EVIL. Voices must be heard, and the truth told. Then, when billions revolt, it’ll be the end of PURE EVIL. PURE EVIL has complete control of the mass media, TV, Newspapers, Radio, and the Internet for the time being. That’s why the people who ought to be made aware of this AREN’T LOOKING. They’re like brainwashed zombies.
  • All doctors and nurses administering the emergency use, experimental, unverified Covid jabs ARE GUILTY of breaking the Nuremberg Code. Why? Because the jabbed haven’t been told that the jabs are EXPERIMENTAL, and in all cases, the jabbed have NOT been offered known ALTERNATIVE medication. These people are illegally jabbing KNOWINGLY. They will ALL be in court charged with CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.
  • It’s time to STAND UP and say NO. Withdraw your consent.
  • It’s our last chance to rescue our liberties.
  • We’re in the last few weeks of liberal democracy in the UK and elsewhere. If we DON'T stand up now, it’ll VANISH.
  • Go after the head of the snake behind this: PURE EVIL.