FDA Phone Call

21 August 2021



If what you hear isn't staged, then the entire global medical system is participating in the GREATEST CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. Jabs were withdrawn after 25 Swine Flu deaths, but with at least tens of thousands of deaths and MILLIONS of adverse reactions due to the EXPERIMENTAL Covid jabs, nowt's being withdrawn??? WTF's going on?

Somewhere an electric chair is waiting...

"Stay away from me, you're not vaccinated!" 

"You got the vax, right?"


"A vaccine is supposed to protect you from the disease. If you're not protected, the shot was not a vax. Until we all know what that shot is really for, STAY AWAY FROM ME YOU SHEDDER!"

"Vaccinated" Linsey Graham "now has COVID"

DOUBT IT, but saline placebos work wonders. There's a reason why saline shots kept getting mixed in with OUR shots for a while. When identical vials with a secret somewhere on them to identify them are shipped with the real experimental shots so the privileged can fake it real well, under those conditions, mistakes can happen and it's the ONLY way such mistakes can happen. The saline filler is not in the same section as the death jab filler, BET ON IT. There should have been ZERO saline incidents, so why did those happen? Linsey didn't get either COVID or a shot. It's all theater.

The CDC has reported that 70 percent of the U.S. population has had at least one shot

That's a lie. The purpose of the lie is to apply peer pressure to the remaining "30 percent" which is actually right around 60 percent. FAR LESS than half the U.S. population has had even one shot, and this bold-faced lie by the CDC is merely an attempt to marginalize the majority. AND IT'S A STRONG MAJORITY. This is how criminals get a failure "under control."

"Just had my house painted by Hispanics."

In confidence, they "confessed" that they refuse "vaccination" because "It's a kill shot". "The elite want to kill us all." Unless things are vastly different in Texas, that woman is lying about the vaccination rates.

Comment: Mexicans are all well enough connected to know when the shot killed family members, including this family. One and perhaps two in this family got killed by that shot, plus 2 at a church in Mexico City and the husband of one boss that's not in the family, but close enough. That's 4 people that this ONE Mexican family know of for sure, plus one they suspect but no one knew if he got it because he was in the U.S. 

AND WORSE: As soon as everyone found out these shots killed people, NO ONE went in for them. THE ONLY PEOPLE that got the shot, ALL OF THEM, are DEAD. It's not as if most of the family got the shot or most of the church got the shot and a few people died, PRACTICALLY NO ONE got the shot, and only those who are confirmed to have had the shot died. And it was not a nice death for the direct family member we know died from it. He was in agony all the way down. This family was already aware of the childhood shots wrecking the kids, everyone warned the one family member not to get the shot, he went ahead and got it anyway and now he's DEAD. How's that gonna wash when everyone knows everyone and it all trickles down?

RUMOR: (Unfortunately these have a habit of coming true) Large numbers of nurses are being sent home for neurological disorders

Various symptoms, which include loss of balance, loss of orientation, loss of coordination, improper administration of IVs (hanging them upside down), improper medications administered, and more. Early on in all of this people speculated they were mandating all medical people to get this jab because someone wanted them eliminated so they would not be there when "the real stuff" starts happening. That's plausible; a majority of them had good morals and would not have gone along with this kill shot if they knew what it was.

So, someone had to get rid of them so they could be replaced by corrupted monsters who might have no real medical training at all. But they will have papers saying they have it. What more is needed when the goal is 500 million slaves serving the elite? Trolls are insisting Tiffany Dover is alive and doesn't want to be "cyber-stalked." That's B.S. because all that's needed is for her to at least POST SOMETHING on her social media, which hasn't been updated since that fateful day. . . . . that says it all, the trolls are doing a job and that's the end of this story.