17 July 2021

Watch this short video about taken of a FAKE COVID CLEANER outside Finsbury Park Station in the UK dressed in some ridiculous protective plastic, wearing a silly balaclava and a useless gas mask. A paid government SHILL is taking photos of the idiot PRETENDING to wipe surfaces clean previously touched by now mostly vaxed people. The stupid twats. 

They’re just doing it for the MEDIA. He’s not even cleaning anything, just POSING for photos. It’s all a fuckin MEDIA STUNT to maintain the plebeian FEAR of a non-existent hoax virus.

When asked what they’re doing by the guy filming them, a thick, brainwashed passerby says, “they’re just helping us.”

 You couldn’t make up the level of INANITY, UNAWARENESS, and MINDLESSNESS of some people.
  • Their freedom’s been taken away
  • They can’t socialize
  • They're told to take two jabs
  • They must undergo discredited PCR tests if going abroad
  • They suffer from blood clots and heart problems because of the vax
  • They shed spike proteins to infect others because of the vax
  • They remain locked down with muzzles over their faces

And they STILL think everyone’s in MORTAL DANGER from something they’ve NEVER seen.

2020-21 will go down in history as the period when THE STUPIDITY OF EARLY TWENTIETH CENTURY PEOPLE WAS EXPOSED to allow TOTALITARIANISM in through the backdoor. These uneducated fairy cake pansy snowflakes have no idea of the sacrifices made during the two world wars to fight fascism and communism. These pretentious twats think it’s alright now as totalitarianism will save them from fake man-made global warming.

It’s so EMBARRASSING. 2020-21 will be seen as when those with COMMON SENSE discovered who the WEAK-MINDED AND BRAINWASHED around them were.

It’s highly likely that some of the people in the video would probably eat dog shit if the bastards on their fake news TVs told them to do so.

It’s time to KICK OUT GOVERNMENTS as they no longer represent ‘we the ‘people.’ We know WHO’s behind this COVID bullshit scam, and we’re coming after the twats.