Face Masks Don’t Work

6 January 2022 – Why face masks are useless

Face masks

PCR tests don't work. So, they were outlawed on 1 Jan 2022. Yet idiots the world over still use the tests to claim that soccer stars can't play because they've tested positive for Covid.

Schools, hospitals, and businesses malfunction because of staff shortages caused by the ignorant BELIEVING they have Covid because they tested positive by a test that never worked since day one and is now finally outlawed.


The stupid idiots who believe they've got Covid have simply got the typical winter cold or flu. Talk about thickheads and dunces—the brainwashed poo dogs.

COVID-19 is a Fauci-patented BIOWEAPON dating back to 2004. It's in the jabs – a eugenicist's dream – a HUGE MONEYMAKER.

Everything the Western Deep State-controlled scumbag governments the world over have said is a LIE.

People are now asking questions about the masks.

This, and other websites like it, have been saying it for a long time:


Nan Haywood, MD, said:

"I am a surgeon. Surgical masks keep droplets containing bacteria from falling from the nose and mouth onto the surgical field.

"They don't prevent respiratory viruses or particles from circulating in the air."

The following is from Israel about Omicron 2022: professor Rahav, head of the Infectious Unit at Sheba Hospital states:

  • The green passport is irrelevant
  • Negative antigen tests are unreliable
  • 80% of those infected with Omicron are already jabbed

But these insights by experts never get aired by the fake news Deep State-controlled scamming and lying mainstream media, which, to suckers the planet over, SPEAKS THE GOSPEL.

Therein is the global problem: it's WHO CONTROLS THE NARRATIVE 

The globalist criminals controlling the narrative of the ignorant will continue to commit CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY until they LOSE control of the narrative.


More and more people are QUESTIONING THE NARRATIVE.

Two years of effing useless lockdowns, furlough, mask-wearing … months and months of social distancing, isolation, and getting jabbed … have done EFF ALL.

80% of the jabbed GET what they BELIEVE to be Covid. In other words, the JABS DON'T WORK.


Soccer players are suffering and dying from having taken the jabs, and it's all being covered up by the fake news media.

The players know they're in trouble with heart problems. It's why so many matches get postponed.

But they're under gagging orders, or else they'll get kicked out of their clubs and lose their lucrative jobs.

The nutcase soccer players and managers simply get the winter bug but claim to have Covid. They don't care because THEY CONTINUE TO GET WELL PAID.

No matter. The narrative IS falling apart. The truth about the toxic jabs is out.


Most are made in China, in sweatshops using children to churn out the useless things. The face masks are then imported by corrupt government officials who make TONS OF MONEY in the process.

We live in an EVIL WORLD controlled by PURE EVIL.

Will 2022 see a BIG change?

It has already begun. Intel says that the coming weeks should, at last, reveal to the IGNORANT PUBLIC some of the nefarious scumbags behind this global mess.

Then, WE THE PEOPLE will really turn on our governments for participating in CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

If you think the Nazi holocaust of WW2 was bad, think again...

HOLOCAUST 2020-22 is THOUSANDS of times worse. We are witnessing a holocaust equivalent EVERY FEW DAYS. People are falling ill and dying from the toxic jabs and the long-term immunity-reducing effects of effing MASK WEARING.