EXPOSED – the Deep State globalist self-styled Censors and perpetrators of the ongoing CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY

EXPOSED – The ‘ANTI-TRUTH’ Online Mafia

EXPOSED: self-styled “anti-truth” campaigners are likely BRIBED by the likes of the Khazarian Mafia (KM) and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to spout out BS about websites disclosing online TRUTH about the Covid BIOWEAPON.

The release of the Internet to the world was the BIGGEST EVER gift to everyone in favor of FREEDOM OF SPEECH and a NASTY NIGHTMARE to globalist elite Illuminati controllers and censors. Look at the way communist China hides the truth from humble Chinese citizens with its appalling human rights-breaking online censorship. Now the globalist scumbags want to do the same worldwide so that NO ONE can question what they’re doing.


For years, we’ve known that the CCP infiltrates and ultimately takes control of entire countries and targeted corporations with sweet talk of easy funding of infrastructure and hidden projects without the need to pay it back for many, many years, if at all. We know about the dirty little games the CCP plays when seeking to control elected governments with lucrative, very tempting bribes that gullible ministers, heads of state, senators, and MPs readily grab. The bribed fools then get used to a luxurious lifestyle, which is how people’s representatives on basic government pay suddenly and mysteriously have oodles of cash. However, they are then under the control of their rich-lifestyle PROVIDERS and dare not rock the boat containing the CCP’s hidden agenda of SHUTTING DOWN FREE SPEECH in the west.

These weak individuals who took the bait of bribes are now guilty of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. They push the CCP and KM GENOCIDAL NARRATIVE by attempting to smother free speech on the internet about the Covid BIOWEAPON, which is what the CCP has done in lousy communist China. What a shit hole that place is for people wanting to tell innocent Chinese the TRUTH.

You can see who these likely bribed, weak people are in the following links:


These anti-truth scumbags need exposing and interrogating because they are TRAITORS to their countries. Western nations take pride in being CHAMPIONS OF FREE SPEECH. Yet these lousy anti-truth scumbags are undermining it by LUMPING anti-vaxers with hate crimes and shit like that.

Yet the biggest CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY is the release of the Covid-19 BIOWEAPON (IT’S NOT A VACCINE!!!!!). The bioweapon is being injected into suckers who are BLIND TO THE TRUTH caused by CENSORSHIP and the lies blurted out by the KM and CCP-owned scamming mainstream media (MSM). The MSM has much to answer for. Don’t forget that the CCP also controls Silicon Valley big tech outfits.


The scumbags are on the TVs in your homes, in the newsstand’s daily rags you buy, and mouthing utter BS on radio news bulletins.

Censorship is coordinated on a global scale. For example, the International Grand Committee on Disinformation (IGCD) consists of an international collection of legislators, policy advisers, and other so-called ‘experts’ working to forge global alliances to hammer genuine online lies. Most people would agree with that.

Yet the thing behind the IGCD came from four members of the UK and Canadian parliaments: Damian Collins and Ian Lucas from the U.K., and Bob Zimmer and Nathaniel Erskine-Smith from Canada. They first met in November 2018 and have been quietly working in the background ever since. Since then, meetings have been held in Canada and the U.K, while seminars were hosted in the U.S. Attendees were ‘spiritual leaders,’ journalists, technocrats, ‘subject matter experts,’ and parliamentary leaders from countries such as Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Mexico, Morocco, Singapore, St. Lucia, Sweden, the U.K., and the U.S.


The IGCD functions as a forum to harmonize policies to achieve common goals. What these people forget (or more like purposefully IGNORE) is that democracy CANNOT exist WITHOUT FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Don’t forget that we the people would NEVER go along with the globalist’s GREAT RESET scam if the ramifications of the reset were discussed FREELY.

The Online Safety Bill’ Will Silence Counternarratives

The IGCD is linked to the technocracy front group known as the Centers for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH). Indeed, Damian Collins MP is a CCDH board member and one of the founders of the IGCD. Both groups were formed in 2018, so the whole lot REEKS of hidden agendas.

One of those goals of the Online Safety Bill is to ELIMINATE ONLINE FREE SPEECH. Collins is part of the Online Safety Bill Committee, charged with examining the Bill “line by line to ensure it’s fit for purpose!” Talk about a CONFLICT OF INTEREST!!!!

In an 11 August 2021 blog post, Collins sought public help to TRACK DOWN counternarratives about online nasty things, but also including the Covid BIOWEAPON (aka the jab), asking people to take screenshots of the OFFENDING MATERIAL and EMAILING it to him. By including websites telling the TRUTH about the BIOWEAPON being jabbed into the ignorant, it's no different to the STASI tactics used in former East Germany!!!! By all means target the sick pedo sites and the like, but back off when it comes to reporting CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by the globalist New World Order KM Nazis and Chinese communists. HOW DARE YOU lump the two together, Mr. Collins. You are obviously compromized.

Collins wrote: “Unless harmful content is reported, whether it is terrible images of self-harm, violent or extremist content or ANTI-VACCINE CONSPIRACY THEORIES, it can otherwise be unknowable to regulators and governments.”


Lumping Covid-19 BIOWEAPON EXPOSURE with true evil stinks of collaboration with the deep state KM and the CCP. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to miss the fact that Collins is lumping “anti-vaccine” (read that as anti-BIOWEAPON”) content in with violent and extremist content that SHOULD be banned and, in reality, that’s probably one of the top categories of information this bill seeks to control. You slipped the anti-BIOWEAPON bit in on purpose, didn’t you, Mr. Collins?

See how the deep state works to TWIST THE NARRATIVE? If you’re against real CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, you’re now called an online hate crime criminal or worse by these scumbags. As reported by iNews, “The UK Prime Minister has repeatedly insisted the powers contained within the legislation would help crack down on ... anti-vaccine (read as anti-BIOWEAPON!!!) disinformation.” See how insidious this is? Welcome to the real INFOWARS. Don't forget that the UK Prime Minister's dad is a known eugenicist. Says it all, doesn't it?

While some might think it’s an excellent idea to spoon-feed people “correct” information about vaccine science, it’s imperative to realize that the Covid-19 jab is a patented BIOWEAPON, and NOT a vaccine. Besides, tomorrow another topic could be deemed out of bounds for public discussion. So, supporting censorship OF ANY KIND is a slippery slope that will bite you back when you least expect it.


As reported by BBC News, the “Legal to Say. Legal to Type” campaign warns that if the Online Safety Bill becomes law, the CCP-owned Big Tech giants will have EXTRAORDINARY POWERS:

“While the group supports the bill’s aim of ensuring online platforms remove images of child sexual abuse, terrorist material, and content which incites racial hatred and violence, it fears other provisions will adversely affect FREE SPEECH ...

Under the bill, Ofcom (the UK Office of Communications) will be given the power to block access to sites and fine companies that do not protect users from harmful content up to £18m, or 10% of annual global turnover, whichever is the greater. Comment: (No problem there).

Campaigners claim this gives tech firms an incentive to ‘over-censor’ and ‘effectively outsources internet policing from the police, courts, and Parliament to Silicon Valley’ ... Comment: (Isn’t that what the CCP wants?)

MP David Davis described the bill as a ‘censor’s charter.’ He added: ‘Lobby groups will be able to push social networks to take down content they view as not politically correct, even though the content is legal’ ... Comment: (Correct).

Campaigners are also concerned that technology companies may use artificial intelligence to identify harmful content. That, they say, may (more like WILL) introduce racial biases and will wrongly censor language, ‘especially when it comes to irony-loving Brits.’” Comment: (Spot on there, mate).



And we thought the NAZIs were defeated. Now EXPOSE the foolish Internet censors and hold them accountable for this heinous plot to shut down online FREE SPEECH.

As always, do your own research and verify what you come across.