EU is Finished

Engie - Eu is finished

France and the EU is finished

French Energy Giant Lost its Gas Supply

EU implodes

Gazprom informed Engie that it would cease the gas deliveries starting September 1 until the moment it gets the payment for the already supplied gas in full, the energy giant said in a statement. It also noted that the French side had failed to make the payment by Tuesday evening, making any further gas deliveries impossible under Russian law.

Earlier in the day, Engie warned that Gazprom had informed it “of a reduction in gas deliveries” and cited “a disagreement between the parties on the application of some contracts,” according to Bloomberg. It did not provide any details about the nature of the disagreements or specify the delivery restrictions level.

French Energy Minister Agnes Pannier-Runacher accused Moscow of using its gas exports as a weapon on Tuesday. She also said France “must prepare for the worst-case scenario of a complete interruption of supplies.” Her statement was made before the Gazprom announcement.

Engie maintained it “had already secured the volumes necessary to meet its commitments towards its customers and its own requirements,” adding that it would take measures to “significantly reduce any direct financial and physical impacts” of the potential supply interruption by Gazprom.

The developments come as the EU governments are trying to fill up their gas storages in the face of the approaching heating season and reduced supply from Russia – one of the continent’s major gas suppliers. Earlier on Tuesday, Gazprom also said that Nord Stream 1 would be completely stopped from August 31 to September 2 for maintenance since it only has one operational compressor.

On Monday, Engie Executive Vice President Claire Waysand said that France had its storages filled up by 90%, adding that it should be enough to get through the winter.

Indeed, analysts warn that households in France and the entire EU will fall behind on their energy bills.

Rising energy prices WILL lead to mass impoverishment in the EU. That claim comes from a professor at the University of Liege in Belgium who told French news site Atlantico on Monday about the coming doom and gloom. Damien Ernst warned there is NO indication that the situation will improve after this winter. Well, not until Europe wakes up and kicks out the KM-INFILTRATORS.

EU households will fall behind on their energy bills, the Professor says. According to him, “the perfect storm” that has formed in energy markets is expected to have a massive economic impact on households and businesses in the KM-infested EU countries.

Ernst says that in Belgium, households, on average, will be paying €10,000 ($10,000) a year for power and heating. Ouch! But where will the energy come from in winter? Only nuclear, but since the purposely planned attack on Chernobyl in ... wait for it ... the former Khazaria now called UKRAINE, the global nuclear industry has withered away.

The coming energy crisis will be far worse than the 2008 financial crisis and the oil shocks of the 1970s, he said, adding: “This will have economic consequences, especially for purchasing power, and lead to financial constraints.” With such a jump in energy prices, “it will be impossible to control inflation,” Ernst warned.

Power prices in Europe have continued to reach record highs, intensifying the region’s energy crisis and stoking fears about access to electricity and heating as the weather cools.


According to Wikipedia, Engie has the dirty KM asset management outfit BlackRock as a major investor, so it is no surprise that it has defaulted on payments to Gazprom.

KM-backed nut jobs at Engie are hell-bent on turning off fossil fuels in favor of useless renewables like solar and wind. Utter madness.

When the sun don’t shine, and the wind don’t blow, where do ya get your power from?

Too bad, France. Natural gas and coal are the ONLY way to feed the big power stations that industry and households need. Nuclear is another option, but the Khazarian Mafia idiots are also scaling back on that in France. Unbelievable.

The planet of the dumbshit apes...

Sooner or later, the dumbshit French will be plunged into energy darkness as the cold months come. And as the KM weather-manipulation affiliated scumbag outfits BOIL France every summer to Saharan and Middle East temperatures, there won’t be enough electricity even to power air conditioning systems! What will that do to the French wine industry?

What a mess. Europe is going back to the DARK AGES because the KM-INFILTRATED EU CAN’T buy gas from Gazprom in gold-backed money.

Sorry, France, until you get rid of the ECB and its fiat funny printed worthless Euro crap money that has no value whatsoever, and you switch to a commodity-backed currency of REAL value, the country will continue to nosedive. And all because you’ve allowed the KM with its plant Macron to STEAL French presidential elections. You have the same problem America and Canada have with their KM-INFILTRATED crap governments.


Kick out the French government, the President, the EU, and the ECB, and restore the gold-backed Franc so that you can actually BUY much-needed commodities like oil and gas from providers like Gazprom that now DEMAND to be paid in REAL money, not worthless paper fiat money.

France and the KM-INFILTRATED West are now at the TIPPING POINT. It’s time for the French people to act before the KM scumbags in power kill 93 percent of the French people in its genocidal globalist agenda.

It’s the only way. The EU is finished.

UPDATE: September 6, 2022


European citizens do not accept side-effects of anti-Russian sanctions

Written by Lucas Leiroz, researcher in Social Sciences at the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; geopolitical consultant.

The consequences of the anti-Russian sanctions are causing revolt and indignation among European citizens. In recent days, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of Prague demanding an end to the coercive measures against Russia. Similar situations have been also seen in other important cities of Europe. Intelligence agencies already predict that the situation will worsen in the near future, with serious risks of an escalation in internal tensions in European countries. Indeed, these facts make it clear that the European people absolutely reject the interventionist ambitions of the EU and NATO.

On the 3rd of September, one of the biggest mass protests in recent years was seen in the streets of Prague. Current problems such as rising gas prices and security crisis have taken thousands of Czech citizens to the streets in protests against the EU and NATO. Official Czech government sources claim 70,000 people attended the demonstrations, but protest organizers say the actual number of participants exceeded 100,000.

Members of different political ideologies and different social movements participated in the event. Nationalists, conservatives, social reformers, leftists, and moderate liberals have united in the common cause of combating negative foreign influence on the Czech government, which is leading the country to adopt an anti-Russian international policy that greatly harms the interests of the population. Not by chance, the slogan of the protesters was “Czech Republic First”, which succinctly expresses the popular and patriotic urges of the activists.

As expected, the main demand was that the Prime Minister Petr Fiala coalition imposes limits on the price of gas as a way of controlling the worsening of the energy crisis. Some groups involved have openly called for a circumvention of EU policies, so that Prague could negotiate directly with Moscow for energy supplies. In fact, some groups seemed to hold more moderate opinions and others more radical, however all converged on the need for the Czech Republic to maintain an independent foreign policy that prioritizes national interests, instead of simply adhering to sanctions packages planned by useless think tanks (read that as KM-infiltrated bribed/blackmailed lowlife) in Brussels, London and Washington.

A common cause for all participants was the demand for absolute military neutrality, which is an extremely important issue considering that the Czech government was the first to violate NATO’s self-imposed rule of not taking direct action in the Ukrainian conflict. In April, before all other countries in the Western alliance, Prague sent a wide range of war equipment to Ukraine, mainly tanks and other armored vehicles. Until then, the West was only sending financial and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, but Prague started an unlimited military escalation, which has resulted in the prolongation of the conflict with the sending of Western weapons.

In an official statement, Fiala said citizens have the right to protest, but arrogantly asserted that the Czech people are being manipulated by pro-Russian forces. The head of government simply ignored the wishes of the people he was chosen to represent, which is very problematic issue and reveals a serious status of democracy crisis in the country. No action was announced after the protests, with Prague continuing to suffer all the consequences of anti-Russian sanctions.

Prague, however, was not the only place to witness popular revolt against Western interventionism. In Germany, the day before, violent protests took place in some cities, most notably in Kassel, where 200 protesters faced heavy police brutality as they protested against the supply of weapons to Kiev. Eight protesters were arrested after violent clashes. Also, it is necessary to remember that similar situations had already occurred in many regions of Europe in recent months. In Madrid, the June NATO summit was responded to with large protests by the Spanish population, for example. And, according to the German intelligence, this situation of popular indignation will only get worse and worse.

Sources from security departments in Germany allege that the country is close to facing violent protests. German intelligence seems to have obtained privileged information that different parties would be coming together exceptionally in order to demand solutions to the energy crisis. The mass protests would be being organized by absolutely antagonistic groups, such as Die Linke and AfD, and would still be receiving support from more moderate organizations, such as the CDU’s Christian Democrats.

The German situation reflects the same scenario seen in Spain and the Czech Republic: antagonistic ideologies and parties are ignoring their rivalries and uniting for a common cause. In practice, this tends to make the protests really massive and strong, attracting citizens from all ideological affiliations.

“So what we saw during the coronavirus pandemic might look like a children’s party in comparison to what is to come”, a German intelligence officer commented during an interview to Die Welt about the protests to come.

For all European countries, the question is the same:

Abandon the sanctions or face social chaos

The coercive measures against Moscow do not benefit European citizens and do not influence the military scenario in Ukraine, so they simply have no reason to exist. Either European countries adopt a sovereign stance and prioritize their own interests in foreign policy, or the bloc will suffer irreversible damage in its social structures.


The sooner the WEF, the UN, NATO, and the rest of the KM Cabal devil-worshipping scumbags get kicked out of the Western governments and corporate media by 'We the People,' the quicker this parasitic infiltration of the West will end. 


How theWestern dumbshits are duped into paying silly money for basic commodities

And it's all because the KM and Central Banks can no longer use fake printed fiat money. Funny money is the cause of inflation. It no longer buys commodities. Dollars (US, NZ, Aussie, Canada) and Euro are now WORTHLESS outside the KM-infiltrated dumbshit West.

Get your countries back, people. Kick out the Khazarian criminals. We know WHO they are.

Watch out for KM-planted scumbags in governments like dirty Macron in France. Already he has offered to help French cafes to weather the energy price hike storm. Yes, the KM will try to placate complaining businesses with aid packages (stuffed with worthless Cabal CB fiat funny money) to shut them up while hammering ordinary folk with energy bills they can't afford. Their sick WEF goal: to make you own nothing and be happy to feed these parasites with your hard work while they live luxurious lives. 

It's all effin planned by the desperate deep state as they go down. The Rothschild and Rockefeller criminals ain't going down without a fight.  

Judgement day looms. When the people have had enough, the military WILL step in. That day is coming.

Sick planet.


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