Dr. Mike Yeadon – URGENT Update

9 January 2022 – Dr. Mike Yeadon Update

Dr. Mike Yeadon update

On 7 January 2022, Dr. Michael Yeadon was interviewed by Reiner Fuellmich’s Corona Investigative Committee in Berlin.

In that interview, Dr. Yeadon exposed that the deadly vaccine lot numbers are EVIDENCE of PREMEDITATED MASS MURDER.

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Dr. Mike Yeadon

Dr. Mike Yeadon features in a previous post on this website in which he EDUCATES viewers in the SCIENCE behind how our bodies recognize and respond to viral pathogens.

In that post, Dr. Yeadon describes in layman’s terms how EVERYONE on the planet was exposed to Fauci’s patented SARS-COV-2 gain-of-function virus BIOWEAPON years ago during the global SARS pandemic. That is why everyone has acquired natural IMMUNITY against ALL SARS viruses, no matter if the viruses mutate. That’s why Omicron and all other invented ‘scariants’ are total bullshit.

As the COVID-19 PATENTED Fauci gain-of-function BIOWEAPON is a SARS offshoot, we ALL have immunity to it.

The trouble is that during 2020, a ridiculously useless PCR test (now banned) was used to identify those testing positive for COVID-19. It COULD NOT distinguish between the 2020 cold and flu viruses (which mysteriously vanished in 2020) and Fauci’s patented BIOWEAPON.

It is also why claims of ANYONE testing positive today are TOTAL BULLSHIT. There is NO test for Covid, and people are now getting the usual winter cold and fly. That’s it.

Government Mass Murder

People who caught a cold or flu in 2020 were labeled as Covid statistics. Those admitted to emergency units due to accidents all had Covid. The scumbags in the hospitals NEVER carried out autopsies on those that died from respiratory illness and simply labeled them all as Covid deaths. The hospitals got PAID extra for EVERY reported COVID-19 case put on a ventilator. Unfortunately, most of those victims died after being given lethal Remdesivir. In the UK, it seems that lethal MIDAZOLAM was used because Health Secretary Hancock had ordered piles of the poison. We are talking about government-funded MASS MURDER here.

The scumbags behind the plandemic have now been exposed.

Crime Against Humanity

However, the CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY committed is SO HUGE that a massive global cover-up is in place lest we the people suddenly take to the streets en masse seeking retribution.

The lying, scamming, brainwashing mainstream media – the MOUTHPIECE of the genocidal murderers – is the ONLY barrier preventing people worldwide from knowing the truth.

Do not worry – the truth ALWAYS comes out eventually, and the above video is a part of that.

Expect 2022 to be the year when this CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY gets exposed for all to see.

The colossal downside will be when the victims – those coerced or who brainlessly and unquestionably took the Nuremberg Code-breaking Fauci-patented bioweapon jabs – realize that they have been CONNED and LIED TO to by their governments and health services.


They will need PSYCHIATRIC CARE when they learn that there were THREE types of jabs: a placebo, a flu jab, and a kill shot packed with graphene oxide and parasites that cause myocarditis in younger people, especially sportsmen like soccer players.

Victims have to come to terms with the possibility that they may DIE within a couple of years if they were unlucky enough to have had jab #3 administered. But they will NEVER know which jab they had until the Grim Reaper comes calling.

Also coming to light is evidence that expensively-run health services, particularly the UK NHS, are being PURPOSELY run down by governments. Why? Because of the ability of central banks to NO LONGER print Khazarian Mafia fiat money to keep these bloated corporations solvent. So, the governments are SACKING employees who refuse to take the deadly jabs.

We are now witnessing STAFF SHORTAGES in hospitals – a bloody convenient way to wind down expensive hospitals and clinics, don’t you think?

 2022 is going to be very interesting...