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March 19, 2023

Don’t Be Duped

Mark Twain said:

“It’s easier to trick someone than persuade them that they have been tricked.”

In other words:

“The hardest thing for duped people to admit is that they’ve been duped.”

Think about that...

Think about that when you see someone queuing up to get jabbed for no protection whatsoever against a bioweapon developed by gain-of-function research masterminded by Anthony Fauci and funded by Bill Gates.

Consider that when you see or hear yet about another superfit sporting type suddenly collapsing.

Or when you see someone wearing a face mask that’s as good at trapping fictional airborne viruses as a coarse fishing net is for capturing microscopic plankton.

People KNOW they’ve been duped by events since 2019, yet only 1 in 4 openly speak about this heinous CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

Conspiracy Theorists

So, to soothe themselves, the duped label the 1 in 4 as ‘conspiracy theorists.’

They simply unthinkingly regurgitate the mind-controlling term invented by Nazi infiltrators in the CIA behind the JFK assassination.

Now, pushing towards three years after J6, there’s suddenly another banking collapse like the 2008 Lehman Brothers disaster.

But this one will DESTROY the dollar and Euro as woke banksters churn out tons of fake fiat funny money to keep the banks afloat.

The result will be HYPERINFLATION.

The price of bread will SKYROCKET in America and Europe because the Deep State is in BIG trouble.

Like it was when it did 9/11...

...Wag the Dog... look here, NOT there.

The shit show begins.

Don’t be duped.

Swinging times are coming...


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