All info on this website is for waking sheeples up. After reading articles, listening to audio recordings, or watching videos, visitors MUST ask themselves the following question:


In that simple question lies the remedy of EVERYONE'S problem today.

Why do YOU 'BELIEVE' in what you're told is true? If you dig DEEPLY, you'll sooner or later find that it's totally impossible to take what others say as being true UNTIL you're absolutely 100 percent CONVINCED of that it is. You MUST do research YOURSELF. Okay, it's not easy and takes TIME. But it's bloody well worth it because when you find the TRUTH, you ALWAYS get the feeling of INNER PEACE after uncovering CONVINCING EVIDENCE from TWO OR PREFERABLY MORE INDEPENDENT SOURCES that what is laid out before you is FACTUAL, and that NO FURTHER QUESTIONS NEED BE ASKED.

That's why NOBODY can take at face value ANYTHING spewing out the scamming PURE EVIL-owned mainstream media and ALL websites - especially WIKIPEDIA. At the moment, ALL governments and their agents, EVERY medical practitioner, and EVERY TEACHER must NOT be trusted.

The ONLY way to get the truth is to UNCOVER it YOURSELF. It's NEVER what other people say based on HEARSAY. Concrete, indisputable EVIDENCE is needed at all times.

Numbers and statistics are NOT evidence alone, especially those derived from mathematical models and computer studies. The entire global warming fearmongering moneymaking scam is based on these. The whole COVID hoax is based on the British professor Neil Ferguson's mathematical modeling, which ISN'T science, as foolish and incompetent politicians would have YOU believe. The scientific DEDUCTIVE method based on numbers is NOT proof of anything, but merely a backup tool supporting the scientific EMPIRICAL method. At the heart of the empirical method are REASONING and EXPERIMENT. Without EXPERIMENTAL EVIDENCE, science is not science but NONSENSE. The peer-review system in sciences that lack experimental evidence like geology and astroscience is untrustworthy and corrupt.

Therein lies the exposure of the whole COVID scam. No one anywhere on Earth has isolated a COVID-19 virus from which to make a vaccine that gives lasting immunity to the T-cell virus. It turns out that the coronavirus is that of the common cold and flu. That everyone on the planet has acquired lasting T-cell immunity to the SARS COVID-2 virus has been swept under the carpet.

But we're told that Covid is a bioweapon invented by Tony Fauci at Wuhan and in America and that it sheds spike proteins. How do YOU personally know that's true? Is it true that MILLIONS have died from the jabs? Again, how do YOU personally know?

As a GUIDE to lost souls visiting this website, Dr. Michael Yeadon, the former head of Pfizer, hits the nail on the head in THIS ARTICLE.

That alone will help put them on the right track of Covid-truth discovery.

Also, Dr. David Martin is a valuable source of information exposing the moneymaking entities behind PURE EVIL and COVID-19.

You basically have to take the RED PILL. Those who have watched 'The Matrix' movie will understand what that is.

Another pointer to the TRUTH is the term 'FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL.' Money is the root of all evil and crime on this planet, for, without it, we wouldn't be in this mess. Follow the money trail in big science projects, and you'll quickly uncover lies and deceit. Follow the money trail in the pharmaceutical industry, and you'll quickly see who is behind the COVID-19 hoax. Follow the money trail, and you'll quickly see that all religions are fleecing the ignorant.

  • How do YOU personally know that men actually walked on the Moon?
  • How do YOU personally know for sure that we have rovers on Mars?
  • How do YOU personally know that planes brought down the twin towers on 9/11 2001?
  • How do YOU know that the CERN facility spanning Switzerland and France is just a particle accelerator for high-energy physics experiments?
  • How do YOU personally know that atomic bombs blew up Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
  • How do YOU personally know for sure that fossils are what they're said to be?
  • How do YOU personally know that the planets in the Solar System have always been where they are today?
  • How do YOU personally know that the Chernobyl incident happened the way it was reported?
  • How do YOU personally know that the Afghanistan pull-out by the U.S military is as you've seen on T.V?
  • How do YOU personally know that UFOs and alien off-world races are a load of rubbish?
  • If there's a quantum computer behind the coming financial reset, how do YOU personally know that's true?
  • How do YOU personally know that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old?
  • How do YOU personally know that the Universe was created by the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago?

In truth, you don't know, do you? You don't know for sure much of anything. If someone told you that the human race is the product of genetic engineering by aliens some 400,000 years ago, how do YOU personally know you're being told the truth?

Like all con-artists, when pushed, mainstream astroscience – the priesthood of utter B.S – will cook up another B.S. story based on invisible, dark, immeasurable, undetectable absurdities and infinities to maintain the fragile gravity-centric paradigm, without which the energy industry would collapse and be replaced by practically free energy.

Chills run down the spine when truth resonates.

We're on this planet to gain experience, to learn, to separate fact from fiction. Isn't it time that we ALL began to do that rather than accepting as true what some bastards say on that effin television? Switch it off. If we do, we can turn this planet into a wonderful paradise. At the moment, it's Hell.

It's time for ALL of us to seek and discover the TRUTH.

For those that KNOW the truth, it's time for DISCLOSURE.