This website is for people with COMMON SENSE. They're the ones that the mainstream narrative CAN'T fool because they do their own research to find out what's true and false.

Fake news is everywhere on the mainstream media and the internet. Both white and black hats pump it out. The evil latter use fake news to control the thoughts of the gullible, which now turns out to be around two-thirds of people. If you watch TV news, read the newspapers, listen to mainstream news on the radio, then you're in BIG trouble. The corporate media has used Nazi brainwashing tactics for decades. It's easy to find out who's behind it all by seeing who controls the six main media networks. They're all from the same swamp. White hats use fake news to derail the evil black hats.

So, whatever you read or watch on this site is information to be researched, and it's up to YOU to decide what narrative to follow. Two out of three people never question the narrative and do as some clowns tell them on their TVs. The truth, when revealed, will hurt. We live in an Orwellian world, and it's up to us to expose the nefarious agenda-driven manipulative twats out there that rape, steal and murder to get what they want.

Swear words and other ways of describing events and harmful types are used daily everywhere, so they're also used on this website. If that upsets you, tuff!