Declaration of the People of the United States for Global Peace and Prosperity

Declaration of the People of the United States for Global Peace and Prosperity


The downloadable document on this web page is the benchmark – the RED LINE – for and on behalf of the people of America challenging the Deep State and Cabal HEAD ON. The document is now being circulated around the world, and everybody in every country can read it.

The document is the first of many to follow and has been vetted by legal representatives. Herein lie the ground rules allowing the forensic audit results of the 2020 U.S. Presidential election to be released, proving that election fraud has occurred on a MASSIVE scale.

The mainstream media is refusing to cover anything that goes against the Deep State’s narrative. We’re talking about the standing down of heads of Germany and Japan – the two defeated countries in WW2, and the standing down of the Icelandic government. We’re talking about the fact that the WHO, the CDC, the U.S. FDA haven’t a shred of evidence in a court of law that the COVID-19 virus even exists. It's all laid out in this document.

The bottom line is that the Deep State has violated every precept held dear of the U.S. constitution and people’s values. The mainstream media has colluded in perpetuating the lie of the 2020 election and is, therefore, guilty of high treason. Executive order #13848 signed on 12 September 2018 by President Trump summarizes and brings together the reasons for the arrests of all the perpetrators that deliberately and consistently with incredible malfeasance tore down every aspect of the U.S. constitution. That includes the mainstream media collaborating in perpetuating the lie of the 2020 election. The executive order stipulates that the mainstream media assets will be SEIZED. Also, the Chinese Communist Party will be sued for what it has done regarding foreign interference in the election and its role in the COVID plandemic.

History is in the making here. The document is a call to the people of the world. It lists the harm that has been done to everyone in every country. The documents to follow will cover specific aspects giving a clear route for people to sue the vaccine companies for billions each. It will mean the end of the wicked pharmaceutical industry not only in the United States but across the planet.

The document is the starting point for all that will now follow. It’s a denunciation of the crimes committed against everybody on the planet. Although it’s a U.S. declaration, it mentions that it applies globally. It’s a denunciation, a declaration, and above all, a call for action. It spells out the steps everyone can take to help change the extraordinary situation concerning Crimes Against Humanity by the Deep State Cabal. The document puts everything in perspective, laying down everything from election fraud, to the vaccines, to human trafficking, to Satanic human sacrifices. It doesn’t leave out much and is a big red pill for anyone that’s not in the know.

There’s a lot here to handle, but the document lays out what we’ve all been through and still are going through. However, the call for action at the end means we can ALL help to do something about this. So, get off your backsides and call your representatives and legislators. Stand up, and get things rolling.

One interesting line in the document highlights that taxes have been imposed on people without their consent. That's illegal in democracies, and everyone affected must be reimbursed. That alone will prove to be HUGE.

Share this document far and wide. Pass it on to everyone you know. It represents the beginning of the end of the Deep State Cabal.