There has NEVER been a COVID VAX Bust like THIS:

26 December 2021

Undercover video where a doctor is completely busted, he never even opened the vaccine insert to see it was blank, and admits he should not be giving the shots, but he's doing it because he is "told to." That's in breach of the Nuremburg Code!!!!!

The video was perfectly executed to show that the asshole doctor never saw the safety studies. It's two minutes of solid gold:

AstraZeneca is not an mRNA vax. HOWEVER: Even a viral vector vax would not have been ready as fast as AstraZeneca was. It is still a shot that was produced and developed BEFORE Covid-19 even existed. There is no way the shot is as advertised, and with that known, what is it?

There are TWO International Types of Covid Vax

Type 1: Ready right away, close to the beginning of it all, that HAD TO have been developed in advance and formulated to fulfill an agenda. That would be AstraZeneca, Pfizer, J&J, etc.

TYPE 2: Non-MRNA vaxxes that were independently developed later than the first batch by individual nations, a few of which did it because the early shots were destroying people. That would be Iran's vax, China's vax, Russia's vax, Cuba's vax, and Mexico's vax. China and Russia both did it very quickly, but they are quite advanced, and both would also produce BS that did nothing just to satisfy the NWO, according to what their intelligence agencies discovered.

ALL Type 1 vaxxes are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and created by evil with an agenda, and they justify killing to avoid them. The Type 2 vaxxes are also to be avoided as much as possible because ALL of them were done as a reaction to an agenda.

So now you know.