Covid Jabs KILL – Antimalarials PREVENT

18 November 2021 - Covid Jabs Kill - The Jabs are BIOWEAPONS

Covid jabs KILL - Indian Decline in Covid Cases

India has favored early and preventive treatments with hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin antimalarials with success


As deaths and illnesses soar with the Covid BIOWEAPON jabs across all countries, the question is: are new Covid cases the adverse effects of the BIOWEAPON itself and a variety of disease outbreaks, such as the rise in cancer, that jab-degraded human immune systems can no longer protect against?

As it is clearly established that the “jab” does not protect but does have—as demonstrated by the adverse events reporting systems—serious side-effects, why does jabbing continue to be pushed to the point that people are fired for refusing the BIOWEAPON and people are confined to home arrest who are not being jabbed with the BIOWEAPON?

It makes no sense

There are only two possible answers:

1. The medical establishments are completely stupid and incompetent people, or

2. Jabbing with the BIOWEAPON is a POPULATION REDUCTION MEASURE supported by a corrupt medical establishment and UNIFIED ELITES.

The evidence for the latter answer is HERE