November 12, 2020

Old enough to have seen real communism in E. Germany. Tables groaning with food for the elite while the rest fought for rotten potatoes in the market place. Old enough to have supported Poland's fight against communism. Old enough to have had a friend who lived through communism in Romania where she was told what job she could do, how many calories she was allowed to consume, when she could use the transport where she could go & when & who she could see. People too frightened to speak incase it was reported in. All history eradicated. For the brainwashed, go visit the beautiful city of Budapest. You'll find a museum dedicated to all those who were tortured imprisoned & perished under communism. The people facilitating & ushering this in are deranged.

  • The swamp can't stand the thought of President Trump ending any more wars, or negotiating any more peace treaties. 
  • Those wishing for Communism have NOT lived Communism.
  • This is deep state NWO objective. The Chicoms are laughing at all this - their virus is working well.
  • Fortunately, the Democrats are too stupid to pull off a heist of this magnitude without comeback. All will come good TRUMP 2020.
  • The covid hoax is a vital element of this global communist takeover, and the malevolent lockdowns have caused huge numbers of deaths. Interesting that Brexit is finally due to happen in the very same month as Trump's 2nd term, I don't think that's a coincidence at all. Covid ensured that the UK economy didn't boom after Britain left the central hub of globalism that is the EU. Mr. Shankly
  • The scamming communist-owned mainstream media call the election for criminal Joe Biden, No riots! But if they call the election for President Trump, riots! The Commie Bastards of the Left are lawless.
  • Democrats don't believe in democracy. They believe in communist China and will probably like to implement Hong Kong style parliament or whatever they call themselves.
  • Millennial's are Clueless about Communism and are increasingly turning away from capitalism and toward socialism/communism as a viable alternative.
  • When the Devil runs free, thousands follow him, imitate him, even try to exceed him. The Dems will have a lot to answer for.
  • America with Trump is the last hope for sanity and freedom in the world.
  • This is all to do with the World Economic Forum and it’s linked with corrupt big pharma and corporations. This young generation have been brainwashed. Sadly, kids won't listen. We are all heading to hell. I've read enough history and fostered children from Serbia etc 20 years ago ... I know too well what atrocities happened just that short time ago.