Coronavirus Hoax – The Greatest Fraud in Human History

24 October 2021

The 2020-2022 CORONAVIRUS HOAX is the responsibility of Khazarian Mafia crooks using FEAR TACTICS based on the ordinary common cold and flu bugs to TAKE OVER THE  WORLD while raking in HUGE PROFITS.

We know WHO the scumbags are. They are low-life entities led by the European elite using fraudulent asset management outfits and mafioso tactics to blackmail or bribe trusted public figures. In collusion with the scumbags are senior health officials, a computer geek, and a bumbling British prime minister with EUGENICS leanings. Indeed, it is well documented now that Bill Gates’ grandfather DELIBERATELY murdered hundreds of millions by causing the hoax Spanish flu, which wasn’t flu at all, but a bacterial lung infection CAUSED by flu jabs.

The usual suspects are, of course, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the  Bilderbergers, the Freemasonic Sect, the Jesuits, and self-styled philanthropists with hidden agendas like Soros BLM/Antifa, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Behind the Satanic fraud, which includes CHILD TRAFFICKING and ADRENOCHROME HARVESTING, with lies spouted off by the bought-off, corrupt, lying, scamming mainstream media, is the GLOBAL WARMING scam.

The Coronavirus hoax carries on from the hoax Spanish flu. It was resurrected in the 1990s (but dates from the 1960s and the Kennedy assassination) by the Club of Rome to usher in a NEW WORLD ORDER following the 9/11 CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY using the State of Israel as a base. Unfortunately, dumbshit people worldwide who are now scaring themselves silly over global warming don’t realize that the only thing man-made about the scare is the SCARE ITSELF!

However, countries like Russia and China (not the Chinese Communist Party) refuse to sign up with the NWO plot against humanity.

Anyway, this website isn’t the place to publish piles and piles of info about what has slowly been made public about the CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY perpetrated by the NWO scumbags. Instead, you can download a neat PDF from the esteemed Dr. Vernon Coleman. With that easy-to-understand publication, you can research topics and go deep down various rabbit holes to uncover even more truths, no matter how unpalatable. Knowledge is Power.

While reading the book, be aware that you CAN’T spread viruses. Cells create trillions of viruses to counter invasive microbes. For example, you catch colds, and flu from pneumococcal bugs coughed out or spread by skin contact by the infected. In addition, be aware that EVERYONE on the planet has T-cell immunity to SARS-COVID-2 infections, which includes the mild one caused by the COVID-19 bioweapon released from the Fauci-funded Gain of Function lab in Wuhan, China.

The real threat to humanity is IN THE EXPERIMENTAL COVID-19 JABS. WARNING.


The CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY perpetrated by the scumbags will become public talking points as more and more people become aware of what’s happened to them. Then and only then will vengeance begin. This book helps to achieve that.