Coming Soon...

Let’s cut into the crap. Those who broke the Nuremberg Code after the Covid jabs were rolled out ARE in BIG trouble.

The heads of money-making pharmaceutical outfits and all those employed right down to lowly nurses, clinical workers, GP doctors, teachers, sports people, and EVERYONE who PERSUADED or COERCED innocent but ignorant people to accept potentially deadly experimental jabs – WITHOUT INFORMED CONSENT – WILL ALL STAND TRIAL in offshore MILITARY COURTS starting 2023.

Ignorance is NO excuse.

Behind all this will be the coming SHIT SHOW – a SMOKESCREEN of global PANIC caused by the equivalent of a CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS after what will happen in former Khazaria during the winter 2022-23 offensive against the DEEP STATE in Ukraine.

While dumbshits the world over are FREAKED OUT that NATO and its gung ho mercenaries will actually resort to using TACTICAL nuclear weapons in a vain attempt to thwart the Russian Federation from invading Europe because NATO forces are outnumbered (get ready for the scamming 24-hour news, Armageddon fear porn, and all the mind-controlling main stream media BS Nazi tactics crap), BEHIND the scenes, there will be MANY, MANY accused of participating in the Covid bioweapon genocide campaign. They WILL face the DEATH PENALTY for their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

Dumbshits worldwide will have scary images of mushroom clouds and radioactive ‘Terminator’ movie landscapes following a massive exchange of nuclear weapons that destroy the entire planet.


Wakey, wakey, people.

Judgment Day looms…

But there WON’T be a Terminator nuclear landscape; there will be of SCAFFOLDS with swinging felons in offshore military courts that most of us will NEVER see.

The entire UK gov is about to be arrested and charged with treason. That should happen as soon as the fake Biden show ceases following the arrest of the 380+ traitors in the US Congress. That's why an aircraft carrier is anchored in the Solent, acting as a military court. It will house all the KM's WEF-planted traitors at the heart of the UK government and judiciary as they await their trials charged with CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. Most will not be seen or heard of again. Similar events will occur worldwide within hours of the arrests in the US, like a domino effect. Brazil, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Holland, Mexico, Argentina, etc., everywhere where CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY have been carried out since 1871, will see governments come crashing down. Then the GREAT AWAKENING will truly begin.

Vultures are circling above Lake Geneva across the Swiss-French border. In a huge base underneath the lake hide the heads of the Khazarian Mafia, the French and Swiss branches of the Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers. The pure evil Satanic entity also hiding there that uses the CERN facility to create portals that tear apart reality is ready to escape from the 5,000-year-old war against humanity it has been waging and has now finally LOST. Satan is leaving. Some say the fallen Annunaki angel has already left this world. Whatever the reality, his KM, Rothschild, and Rockefeller LEADERLESS human acolytes now have NO choice but to SURRENDER. That's why in mid-December 2022, non-other than arch-criminal David Rockefeller Jr approached the White Dragon Society (WDS) and offered trillions of dollars to help fix the planet. So, the WDS is being VERY careful. You can't trust a scorpion not to sting you because stinging IS part of its very nature. As with every dangerous creature, you keep it at arm's length because you can't trust it NOT to bite you. That's why the WDS is being VERY cautious with the offer. David Rockefeller Jr is a wanted felon by the French police and really has nowhere to hide. Judgment day looms for that piece of dog dirt who has the blood of countless people on his hands. Those trillions of dollars are, in effect, BLOOD MONEY. Rockefeller Jr has been driven by evil and money worship, and his fiat money is now valueless. The Central Banking money system is bombing out. The BIS, the WEF, the IRS, etc., are all crashing. Covid and Ukraine are massive money laundering scams, and no amount of funny money will save the criminal gangsters hiding under Lake Geneva. There is 500 trillion dollars of world debt, plus 2,500 trillion of derivative contracts that are now nosediving. That's why UK energy prices are skyrocketing, and pensions are going down. Hopefully, the vultures will swoop to feed on the carcasses after the Swiss finally rid their country of the evil it has been home to for centuries. If the Swiss people don't do it, the military alliance will, but it will be best if the Swiss do the cleanup operation themselves. Otherwise, tactical nukes will have to be used to smoke out the dirtbags hiding beneath Lake Geneva who intend to kill 6.5 billion people and enslave the rest.