25 July 2021

Gareth Southgate, the manager of the England national soccer team, blurts out a scripted narrative. If only he knew that what he said was COERCION. He is blatantly coercing kids to take an experimental jab because he's the England soccer manager and, therefore, they should do as he says. 

Nuremberg Code #8: Only scientifically qualified people must conduct the experiment. Politicians, media, actors and any other publicly known individuals claiming the jab is a safe and effective are UNQUALIFIED to do so. 

MR. SOUTHGATE, you have just committed a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. Under the Nuremberg code, NO ONE can coerce others to take dangerous, uncertified injections. YOU WILL BE PUT ON TRIAL. This video is EVIDENCE of your crime. Your desperation to get soccer 'back to normal' by coercing people to take experimental, uncertified jabs is NOT an excuse to commit a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY