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March 19, 2023

Cloned YouTube Accounts Warning

There are tons of mirrored YouTube accounts out there, so beware.

Authentic YouTube accounts of those spreading the TRUTH are being CLONED.

These cloned accounts STEAL videos and ask viewers for MONEY.

The genuine ones DON'T ask for money.

Yet as soon as the authentic accounts release a video EXPOSING Deep State activities, they get BANNED for a week or more...

While the cloned ones don't...

The ONLY answer for this action by KM-owned YouTube is that the DEEP STATE is doing the cloning and MAKING MONEY out of ignorant, DUPED viewers.

Genuine truth-telling channels DON'T ask for money.

They may have honest affiliation links, but they DON'T ask for money.

So if you're following, say, Charlie Ward and the stolen videos have links in the descriptions asking for money...


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