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Afghanistan is Back in Afghani Hands

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Video Transcript

The Taliban are in control of Afghanistan. Historically, the Taliban are Afghani students. They’re generally very good people, but for the last 20-30 years, their only source of income has been opium, and they’re the biggest heroin dealers in the world.

Their biggest customer was the CIA, and the CIA would have us all believe that the Taliban are the same as Al Qaeda and ISIS. But they’re not. Al Qaeda and ISIS were CREATED by the CIA.

So, what’s happening is that Afghanistan is going back to the rightful owners. If we wind back to 2014-15, the Cabal puppet Barak Obama made the Taliban a deal. He said if they give up the heroin, they’ll be given cotton instead. Well, the Taliban made no money out of it and went broke within months. So, they went back to the heroin.

Obama is a puppet politician and not a businessman. Donald Trump is a businessman and not a puppet politician, and he’s just seen that the Taliban were willing to take Obama at his word, and he let them down. The Taliban do things for money, so President Trump said, fine, they’ll get what they deserve with the financial reset.

The Taliban aren’t terrorists and will still wear the same clothes when they become rich. When you realize that these people are incredibly humble, and when they make millions and millions of dollars, they don’t spend it on things western people do but on their families. That’s where we’re moving, but the PURE EVIL-owned mainstream media is screaming blue murder! This is making make them turn against Biden.

What’s happening in Afghanistan is a masterstroke. It’s a turning point. We don’t know whether what we’re hearing about all the women and children in Afghanistan is true. Don’t ever forget that the scamming MSM is the mouthpiece of PURE EVIL and tells lies to instill fear. Images on TV can’t be trusted, and newscasters are dumbshit people reading from scripts. It’s now impossible to believe anything in the media.

Donald Trump made a smart strategic deal with the Taliban while in office. The last to leave Afghanistan would be the military. Equipment would be left behind, and Biden would take the blame and not Trump. Smart move. A master move by the white hats with the Taliban. It’s the OPPOSITE of what it looks like. The international big military crime syndicate 5-star Trust CIA takeover of countries will now be exposed. We’ll get to see what really happened in Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan and who was behind it. It’s the same people who overthrew the US government and others around the world under the guise of ‘Responsibility to Protect’ or some other kind of nonsense to rebuild countries that they have no business being in at all.

Eighty-five billion dollars were spent on the US army in Afghanistan. We see a chaotic withdrawal, like from Vietnam again. It’s always the same: the US gets involved, many people get killed, especially the military, and then there’s a disorderly get out. What was the purpose of 20 years in Afghanistan after 9/11? We now see documents being burnt by US embassy staff in Kabul. What’s it all about? The so-called Biden administration has messed things up big time. Instead of an orderly exit, as would have happened had Trump still been President, it’s a complete shambles under ‘rigged election’ Biden.

It’s all unraveling. They cheated in the Israeli and Iranian elections. All the people is with power right now, and it’s worldwide, from Britain, the EU, to South America and Australasia, are the Cabal’s people. That’s why the Covid smokescreen hoax went global. It's a smokescreen to keep the rigged election audit out of the public eye.

Enough people saw Mike Lindell’s Symposium to wake up to the fact that the 2020 US Presidential election was stolen and saw the proof of widespread cheating. Now it’s time for the rest of the world to ask about the validity of THEIR elections. PURE EVIL, with its assets like Big Tech, Big Pharma, the scamming MSM, Dominion, and Smartmatic, has tentacles worldwide and has rigged elections since 9/11. It all goes back to the likes of Soros, Lord Mallock Brown, and the rest of the Bilderberger, Rothschild, Rockefeller, etc., deep state New World Order Illuminati child trafficking, adrenochrome eating, Satanic money laundering/printing slimebags.

The American people aren’t the CIA. The CIA is owned by the demons at the top that treat people like serfs. Yet they’re now being EXPOSED for all to see. Unfortunately, the Satanic Cabal isn’t going down without a fight and will take potshots with scalar weapons and the like at those exposing it. The good guys behind the exposure are now being targeted. There’s a war on. That the targeting has been ramped up indicates that we’re at a TIPPING POINT. We’re right on the edge where people as a whole get to know the truth as to what’s been going on behind their backs by these nefarious scumbags.

Most people in America know what’s going on since 80 million at least voted for Trump in 2020. Now that Biden has shown what assholes he and his administration are, millions of anti-Trumpers and indoctrinated Democrats are beginning to see the light.

The delay in exposing the truth is waking up other countries, but seemingly not Britain. There, people aren’t just in a deep sleep; they’re in a coma to the truth. They’re so brainwashed in the UK by their TVs that they’re now virtual zombies. Eighteen months of lockdown has made them ill, depressed, overweight, and unable to comprehend things. They’re constantly bombarded by shocking news on their TVs and in newspapers every passing day. It’s a badly traumatized nation living in fear. 75% of them haven’t a clue as to what’s really going on. They’ve come to the conclusion that they’ve got to be grateful for what they get! The idiots. They don’t realize that they’re sovereign human beings, and as such, that they should enjoy a happy life. The British psyche has been kicked in the stomach. In America, most have woken up. There has been a seismic shift there since July 2021. American people don’t wear masks and are mixing and having barbeques and all that.

The media is now so exposed that the Cabal is using it to call people who question the lockdown, the events of 9/11, or the rigged election as terrorists. It’s become desperation. This policy can easily be used to silence political opposition simply by labeling anyone who disagrees with their government as a domestic terrorist and charging them with a hate crime. It all stinks of desperation.

The Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) will have to be via satellite because PURE EVIL-owned Apple, Android, and Samsung aren’t playing ball. Starlink has been fully tested and is ready for action. It’s illegal for Apple and Android and news channels not to let the EBS through as it’s crucial to warn people of such things as natural and other disasters. Furthermore, it’s a federal criminal offense to block the EBS as it endangers people’s lives. 

The British royal family has gone quiet because it knows what’s coming with the exposure of family members with Epstein.

Germany lost WW2, but the NAZIs didn’t. They reinvented themselves after project paperclip as the United Nations with the same NAZI goal: a one-world government New World Order under fascistic communism. People believe that the UN is a force of good, but at its core, it’s not. Nothing the UN has done has been beneficial to ANY country. It ignores countries that flout UN resolutions. Its goal all along is a one-world government. Now we can see why there has been strife and upheavals in the Middle East and elsewhere since 1945, and it’s all come to a head with the Covid hoax, a rigged election, and the end of fiat money. The quantum financial system is right upon us, which is what PURE EVIL has been trying to prevent.

This is the Start of the GREAT AWAKENING