Watch the following video by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich called: “THEY’RE MAKING SO MANY MISTAKES THAT WE ARE CLOSE TO A TIPPING POINT.” Dr. Fuellmich is playing a leading part in the class action lawsuits underway in the USA and Canada seeking substantial damages for millions of businesses and people that have been ruined by the nefarious and fraudulent activities of PURE EVIL and the complicit firms under its wing. Following the video is a transcript of the main points for impatient visitors or those with short attention spans who easily get distracted while watching videos.



We have solid EVIDENCE proving that the global COVID plandemic is the WORST CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY EVER. It’s FAR, FAR worse than what happened during WW1 and in Nazi Germany under the Third Reich. MUCH, MUCH worse. The crime has been committed by dozens and dozens of fraudulent corporations, including politicians, doctors, nurses, and teachers whose arms have been twisted. These reprehensible organizations come under the umbrella of their owner: PURE EVIL.

The 10-20% of people who still have a brain to think with know this has NEVER been about the so-called virus or health. It’s been a MONEY GRAB of epic proportions while at the same time taking away people’s FREEDOMS with the aim of us becoming dependent on PURE EVIL. Substantial EVIDENCE PROVING this HAS been obtained and WILL be used in class action lawsuits.

It’s not that PURE EVIL needs more money as it has far more than it will ever need. It uses money to BRIBE or BLACKMAIL influential people such as doctors and politicians and aims to fully control the planet and rid it of 90% of humans by 2060. It threatens and manipulates governments and key workers using money and mafia tactics as tools. PURE EVIL is the criminal entity behind the unworkable Green New Deal that’ll impoverish what’s left of humankind and make us slaves to this wickedly grasping entity.

The self-appointed political DAVOS clique created globalism through the WHO and the World Economic Forum. These are private global organizations controlling the entire world, and they’re all under PURE EVIL’S umbrella.

Once we ALL Understand this, it WON’T be too Hard to Turn the Tables

PURE EVIL was responsible for the 2008 financial crisis. It has been STEALING taxpayer’s money the world over for at least the last 30 years. After telling us everything was under control following the 2008 crash, it started printing money to keep us quiet. “Here suckers, have some cheap credit….” We should have known that money just CAN’T be printed to restore what PURE EVIL had stolen, but we went along with the narrative because of the availability of EASY credit.

The number of mistakes made by PURE EVIL has brought us to a TIPPING POINT where it’s PAYING THE PRICE for RUSHING through the PLANDEMIC

The plandemic was originally marked for around 2050. A BIG MISTAKE made by PURE EVIL was calling the jab a VACCINE, which it is legally and by definition certainly NOT. It’s a con trick by PURE EVIL, just as the WHO’s ridiculous re-definition of the word ‘pandemic’ was a blatant con. The jab is a GENETIC EXPERIMENT and NOT a vax. Unfortunately for PURE EVIL, medical side effects like blood clotting, stroke, heart problems, and deaths after the jab’s administered have put a spanner in the works. Because of the MAD RUSH to roll out the vax WITHOUT proper CLINICAL TRIALS, tons of shit is now gonna hit the fan, and the scumbags in PURE EVIL know it.

BIG, BIG MISTAKE guys, huh? Y’ can’t slither away from that, you murderers. You had to bring forward your Nazi plan of global totalitarianism because of the RETURN of GOLD-BACKED currencies. Your fiat money printing presses are now useless, so you had to rush things, didn’t you? And fucked up BIG TIME.

Now you’re KILLING and MAIMING people that suckered into taking your poisonous jabs WITHOUT proper informed consent. Where is the detail of what’s in the jabs and the potential side effects? You just gave a big crumply BLANK SHEET of paper with the shot! Yer gonna get what’s coming to you:

Does the Glass-Steagall banking regulation frighten you? As a swindler, you’re scared stiff of it, AREN’T you? You can’t use another Watergate to prevent GESARA, nor can you cobble up another 9/11 or kill another US President. Illegal President Biden’s your RIGGED election-planted puppet, so assassinating that demented actor is pointless, isn’t it? No doubt you’ll continue with spiteful FALSE FLAG events and try to piss everyone off with CYBER-ATTACKS to infrastructure and FOOD SUPPLIES, and do some really NASTY 5G CRAP. Give it up, PURE EVIL. It’s game over, and you know it. You’ve been EXPOSED. We know who you are.

If national courts find it overwhelmingly difficult to handle the many cases against PURE EVIL because of the nitty-gritty of dealing with charges against the many sleazy corporations under its umbrella, like the scamming mainstream media, big tech, big pharma, etc., then another Nuremberg-style trial will have to be opened to quickly deal with the participants in this most wickedly evil CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

The taking down of PURE EVIL is going to be HISTORIC.

Europeans must understand that their PENSION FUNDS are now worth NOTHING. The EU is broke. Britain is broke. All the pension funds have been STOLEN to pay off creditors. So, the cops out there trying to PROTECT PURE EVIL from collapsing must realize that they have NO pensions. There’s zippo in the pension pot. It’s gone! When judgment day comes, everyone in Europe will see that their lifetime contributions to their pension schemes are NON-EXISTENT. So, leave off the protestors, cops, and JOIN THEM instead. The same applies to the people in the law courts. The sooner you do that, the quicker justice will be done.

We live in interesting times.