Class-Action Lawsuit Against Google, Facebook, & Twitter

9 July 2021

Thing's are moving fast. Constitutional President Donald Trump is suing the CCP-run big tech Google, Facebook, and Twitter via a class-action lawsuit. Google owns YouTube and other things, and these big tech giants are being sued for trillions.

What the tech giants have done is completely wrong and against the law. However, you can rest assured that the law has already been checked out thoroughly by a massive team of lawyers behind the scenes to make sure that this case CANNOT be lost.

The tech giants haven’t got a leg to stand on. Whether you’re right or wrong in a US court doesn’t matter. Instead, it comes down to how good the lawyer is.

To show how corrupt Google is, set up a new YouTube account in an Internet café if you’ve been banned. The bastards know your usual IP address from before but won’t know that it’s you from the Café. You’ll find that you can’t get into the new account when using the banned IP address. That’s why it’s worth using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service these days. However, don’t use the Google Chrome browser, use Mozilla Firefox instead. There’s something in the Google system that bans people from their accounts if they use any of their services or try to access them otherwise from a banned IP address. ALWAYS USE A VPN.