British Genocide 2022?

9/11 2021

British Genocide 2022?

This is supposedly from RT:

Covid Winter is Coming? Health Passports, Jabs for Kids, Booster Shots - Boris Johnson to unveil blueprint...

The UK PM is EXPECTED to announce plans for avoiding a FULL winter LOCKDOWN with COVID PASSPORTS and the largest-ever flu jab campaign in British history. (By the PURE EVIL-owned Guardian fake news rag.)

Govt SOURCES say they BELIEVE BOOSTERS will be recommended for elderly and vulnerable people first, but also say the NHS will be READY if ADVISERS approve a wider introduction of THIRD Coronavirus jabs for other age groups.

Comment: WHAT A LOAD OF FUCKIN CRAP! Everyone knows by now that the clot shots are DEPOPULATION TOOLS of NWO eugenicists like Boris Johnson, the UK's now illegal Rump Parliament leader. Carrying on with the jab scam is just a MASSIVE PROFIT GRAB for PURE EVIL'S Big Pharma vax twats - £22 per experimental clot shot.

The Nuremberg Code has been breached, and anyone furthering this sick genocidal agenda will be tried in a military court and EXECUTED, no matter WHO they are. Rouge politicians, fake news spreading media mouthpieces, and PURE EVIL'S affiliates WILL be rounded up.

If the report is from RT, then RT is clearly part of PURE EVIL'S scamming mainstream media pumping out FEAR PORN to the ignorant. In that case, fuck off, RT. What the Hell have flu jabs got to do with common cold coronaviruses? How come nobody has had flu since the COVID outbreak in 2020? Shit planet, shit journalism by shithead crap reporters.

Maybe it's all a DISTRACTION to keep eyes away from the AUDIT results and that today is the 20th anniversary of 9/11...

All fuckin mind games by the murderous Deep State NWO bastards whose time running the planet is coming to an abrupt end...