600 Baby Corpses Washed Up

German Spoken report/radio broadcast:

Close to 600 baby corpses have washed up in Bad Neuenahr/Ahrweiler, Germany. About 600 baby and child corpses are supposed to be laid out in a gymnasium. This process is supposed to have remained hidden from the public. The children and babies are unidentified.

In October 2020, at Five Finger lakes in the U.S, where a larger portion of underground tunnels and sub-tunnels are located that runs through the East Coast into Canadian territories, a large Military operation took place. Some 200 hundred soldiers were killed fighting in the underground tunnels. Black hats trapped the soldiers and exploded the underground base and tunnel line in the different areas connecting to Five-finder lakes.


Deep Underground Military Bunkers

Since that event, the current operations have been destroying the tunnels at a faster and massive unprecedented level. Most of the NEW operations don’t go into the tunnels but give WARNINGS through robotics that travel the TUNNELS. Word is if the deep state bases and commands don’t surrender, there is no second chance for surrender, and everything will be DESTROYED.

Gene Decode also gave hints to this operation where the 200 good soldiers died. In addition, several other leaks talk about this sad event that happened and changed the way Operations are now approached.