Brainwashed Britain

14 September 2021

Okay, Brits, it’s time to switch off the TV and get off your backsides. You Brits are UNDER ATTACK, and you’re letting the enemy - the Deep State Cabal and its MSM mouthpiece - walk all over you and take away your liberties.

Understand that Britain isn’t exactly good when it comes to human rights. We see that openly with the way Brits on peaceful marches against government Covid tyranny are attacked by unthinking robotic police who have no right under maritime law to brutalize the very people they have sworn to protect. You may complain that China and other ‘awful’ countries abuse human rights, yet we see ours smashed up every time there’s a protest against Covid government policies. If you dig deep into Britain’s history, you’ll see that our human rights abuses overseas are plentiful.

Ask the question: “Why has the British government turned rogue against the people? The same question can be asked of the other Commonwealth countries. The plain truth is that the central banks OWN them, and the governments do as they’re told to implement the globalist central bank owners’ agendas. The central banks don’t own Sweden, hence why its people haven’t had the crap lockdowns and other abuses to liberty. The Swedish government talks to the globalists and makes deals but doesn’t follow its Orwellian/communist agenda. Governments that are indebted to the central banks and break rank, like some African countries, have had their leaders assassinated.

We can now plainly see the elite Illuminati central banks’ control over governments in the EU, the British Commonwealth, and Biden’s collapsing USA. So who’s actually running YOUR country, Brits?

The Monarchy is virtually gone, so Britain is no longer under the tripartite rule of the Monarchy, the House of Lords, and Parliament. The government has illegally assumed sovereignty with the EU Withdrawal Bill - the usurping was written sneakily and buried in the 300 or so pages that MPs had NO TIME to scrutinize before having to vote it in. That’s why Boris Johnson is acting like a Nazi dictator.

It was planned well before Brexit. Now we’re in a mess with communism having entered through the back door, and few realized what was happening. Your human rights have been affected, and YOU let it happen because you were so engrossed with the BS on your TVs. You still believe that the BBC is the mouthpiece of truth when it’s been telling lies ever since 9/11.

We’ve come to the time when Big Pharma is demanding massive payback for pushing its pills and bottles down our throats, with everyone having multiple jabs stuck into them. So, to make sure that the jabs had no competition, both Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were sneakily banned.

Eugenicists like Boris Johnson’s dad are riding on this money-making wave, who demand massive depopulation to save the planet from global warming. Notice that these evil people never volunteer to be killed to help save the planet.

With China becoming the world’s manufacturing hub, everyone relies on the Chinese Communist Party to oversee the exported goods. The loss of manufacturing bases in the West meant huge job losses and shrinking economies. With no way of growing economically, the once rich western nations resorted to printing fiat money to hide the shortage, so debt grew and grew. Saudi Arabia, with its oil, and China with its manufacturing might, became the creditors of the West.

In 2018, the two creditors demanded their money back. Both the British and US Corporations went into receivership and were declared bankrupt in 2019. They, and the EU, handed over all the pension funds to these two creditors. In other words, Brits, your pension pots are actually EMPTY. That includes the cops. Does the depopulation agenda help with getting rid of the pension problem? What are YOU going to do about that, Brits?

Are you still going to be sat in front of the TV while the jabbers come for your kids? The British government ignores advice expressed by its one-time guide, SAGE, not to jab kids.

It’s sad to admit that the British are deeply in a coma because of the brainwashing by television. Websites like have been trying hard and continue to WAKE PEOPLE UP. How many ambulances do you hear screeching to hospitals each day since the jabbing frenzy began?

If the government told you to kill your parents and your children, would you do that? Of course, you wouldn’t. But by making them wear masks is doing just that. Breathing in exhaled air is killing them. The eugenicists know that. It reduces immunity to winter flu and colds, so when next winter comes, lots of maskies will suffer badly, and many will die, all no doubt registered as Covid victims.

Go on, do some research. Wearing face masks when you’re healthy is KILLING you. Unfortunately, many Brits won’t do any research and will just listen to what the government says on TV because they’re that brainwashed.

There is a plan to overcome this tyranny, and there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel, but in order to help the plan succeed, the people of Britain MUST WAKE UP. Until most people in the UK realize they’ve ALL BEEN HAD, this tyranny will continue because we ALLOW it. And we’ll continue to allow it until we ditch the TVs and find out what the truth is. Stop putting up with government nonsense and tyranny.

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