10 July 2021

The constitutional president of the United States, Donald Trump, announced in early July 2021 that he's moving to another social media platform. Jason Miller announced that he's leaving Trump's organization to become the CEO of Gettr. Trump never announced that he's going to join Gettr; he's holding this information back. However, he did say that he's filing a class-action lawsuit against Google, Facebook, and Twitter and the CEOs of those companies.

Thousands of people are joining this class-action lawsuit. Trump is fighting this battle in the Florida courts. During his press conference, reporters asked him if he would return to Twitter, but he really didn't give an answer.

Think about this for a moment. Why would Trump be filing this lawsuit right now? Could it be due to the timing of the forensic Arizona audit and the truth about the election fraud coming out?

Trump will follow the rule of law to try to get back on the big tech platforms. Why? Because these platforms are way ahead of any alternative platforms and have a much larger reach. It's not those other platforms aren't good, but Trump understands that he needs to move forward with this, plus he needs to bring these treasonous corporations to justice.

It's very interesting because if you read the documentation filed in the lawsuit, it looks like they're going after the collusion of big tech with the US Congress. This is what the scamming fake news media are keeping quiet. They know it'll be curtains if this info drop gets out, so they're doing their best to downplay and belittle the lawsuit, saying it'll get thrown out at the first hearing.

We've seen this before. When Dr. Shiva was under oath in a courtroom, government officials admitted that they had a hotline to Judicial Watch out in California. They got the emails, the documentation showing that they went ahead and used the hotline, and they told big tech whom to take down.

Certain members of Congress are illegally involved in the censorship of Americans using big tech as their hidden hand. So, what is Trump doing right now?

He's going after the big tech companies. He's using the argument that certain corrupt individuals in Congress went ahead, spoke to big tech, and gave them instructions to take down certain accounts.

This action is absolutely unlawful and proof that big tech and the government of the United States are colluding. They have violated the people's rights.

So, in Trump's class-action lawsuit, they're saying that under pressure from Congress, Congress willingly and knowingly was involved in censorship of Americans and violating American's constitutional rights, which is what they're responsible for upholding. This is a direct dereliction of duty to their constituents.

In other words, Congress went against the constitution. Congress cannot lawfully induce, encourage or promote private persons to accomplish what it’s constitutionally forbidden to accomplish.

They're saying that they "can't censor this person, but I'd like to take this opportunity to strongly encourage you (big tech) to do it on my behalf."

That CAN'T be done. You can't have another entity violate the constitution. It looks like Trump and the patriots have certain information on this. There's going to be discovery, and Trump is pushing forward with this.

Now, did Congress collude with big tech to bring down Trump and others? There are hours and hours of video footage of the 6 January protests at the White House. Will they look at them? That's where it takes place. What do you think big tech's argument is going to be? That Trump caused the insurrection?

Trump will latch onto that. There are 14,000 hours of video footage of the 6 January event. Documents, texts, and information will be collected, and witnesses will be called if that's the path the big tech companies are going down.

Trump wants his lawyers to get an injunction (an authoritative order). He wants them to get all the censored accounts back up while the entire case is moving forward.

They're doing this in Florida, not California. So, we come to find out that Trump's case against Twitter is assigned to Obama judge Robert Nichols Scola Jr. The case against Facebook is another Obama judge, Kathleen M. Williams. The case against YouTube is George H. Bush judge Kevin Michael Moore.

Trump will follow the rule of law. He will try to get the injunction, try to get back on the platforms because the judge will allow everyone to stay on there during this period of the forensic audit. So, Trump will be holding back the platform he might be going to. One of them might be Twitter, but if they can't get the injunction, then there's the other place.

It's not just one path: there are others to go down. This is why he's been holding back the name of the other social media platform. He might not have divulged information about the other platform.

By following the rule of law, he's trying to figure out where to go with this, and we'll find out very soon.

Trump said that this coercion and collusion is unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has held that Congress can't use private actors to achieve what the constitution prohibits from doing itself. In effect, big tech has been illegally deputized as the censorship arm of the US government. This should alarm everyone, no matter your political persuasion. It's unacceptable and unlawful.

Trump picked this time on purpose. Now is the time to strike. He's on the offensive. He's going after these deep state individuals. He wouldn't be going after them if he didn't have something. This is going after the deep state with information. It's an information war, and Trump will be using the rule of law.

This will be a game-changer. This is exactly what he wanted the deep state to do. They went ahead and decided to use all their assets and ammunition but are now in the process of destroying themselves.

The patriots know exactly what the deep state did. If you know the playbook and what they did, you can use that against them later. You let it play out and let the people see. You make it look very organic until people realize what's been happening. When people become outraged, you get them on your side.

This is an information war, and the Patriots have a much larger army. The more and more people that are awake, the bigger the army. The bigger the army, the harder it is to fool the people.

In the US, the people are waking up. Not so Britain and the Commonwealth countries. There, most are still asleep and living in their comfort zones of not complaining, even though most know something's not quite right. Only when people see the truth will they realize what's been happening. Once the big tech is taken down, the narrative will change, and when it does, there WILL be an explosion of anger against governments worldwide.