8 December 2021 – Big Pharma Genocide Proof

Big Pharma Genocide-the-real-anthony-fauci-review-ivermectin

EVERYONE in the States NOT involved in the DELIBERATE MASS MURDER of billions of people worldwide under the ruse of COVID-19 must be made aware of the following in order to begin the healing process:

Big Pharma Genocide: The Worst Mass Murderers in History Must Be Held Accountable

The EXECUTIVES and bought-and-paid-for scumbag so-called “scientists” working for all the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies (Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and others PROFITEERING from the LUCRATIVE COVID-19 BIOWEAPON JABS) must immediately be arrested for MASS MURDER, given a NUREMBERG TRIAL, and EXECUTED before the scum can BUY THEIR WAY OUT via their shell companies and have the fake election-stealing illegal Biden regime and the wicked sovereignty-stealing UK Rump Parliament via the Nazis Neil Fergusson et al., pardon them.

Truth Bombs

This website - which BTW makes NO MONEY whatsoever during this plandemic - has loads of uncluttered PUBLIC INFORMATION TRUTH BOMBS, without distracting ads or pesky in-your-face annoying pop-ups asking for cookie consent. It has many LEADS for the concerned to explore. However, John F. Kennedy’s Jr’s new book, THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI, reveals a conversation with a doctor who admitted to caving to pressure to downplay the benefits of ivermectin as a COVID BIOWEAPON treatment. This website gets NO backhander commissions from ANYWHERE, so the link below to the Children’s Health Defense website is entirely unaffiliated. Public information is free, and no one should milk the suffering of others for financial gain. We’re all born into this world with nout and will all die with nout, apart from gaining EXPERIENCE. Boy, aren’t we all having an EXPERIENCE right now? It’s time for everyone to put money-making BS aside and expose the PURE EVIL being played against WE THE PEOPLE. They are killing us! Knowledge is strength.

Imperial Cancer Research Fund

A leading UK cancer specialist reveals how he was BLACKMAILED by the UK’s Imperial Cancer Research Fund (ICRF) over a FRAUDULENT study the Fund had SPONSORED. After reviewing the study, the specialist became so outraged that he intended to challenge the ICRF findings at a press conference. Shortly after, some big cheese then phoned him to say that his unit would be defunded and closed down if he did so. That was blatant CRIMINAL BLACKMAIL, and that scumbag should have been sent to the war crimes tribunal.

That’s how corrupt Big Pharma evil works. It’s all about MONEY and lucrative cushy jobs. And now they’re all WAR CRIMINALS. Genocide is WAR against WE THE PEOPLE of this planet.

The specialist then consulted the dean of his medical school and reluctantly agreed not to go and spill the beans. Since then, he has fretted over whether he had made the right decision.

No, he was WEAK. The STRONG stand up against EVIL.

MEDICAL CORRUPTION has today become so widespread as to compromise the lives and wellbeing of us all—sick planet. Everyone working in doctors’ surgeries, clinics, and hospitals knows that something ISN’T RIGHT about the Covid jabs. They KNOW that loads of people are being HARMED or KILLED by the jabs. They must KNOW that the jabs are BIOWEAPONS. Yet they don’t have the GUTS to spill the beans—sick planet. The Hippocratic oath is no more, replaced by slimy job security. It’s all about money—pure evil.

A UK cardiology researcher found similar results but wouldn’t publish for FEAR of repercussions. In other words, those in the health industry are more concerned about losing research grants than people’s wellbeing—sick planet.

Big Pharma and the  LUCTRATIVE Health Industry

COERCION and BLACKMAIL in the LUCRATIVE health industry are behind COVID, and with that comes the NWO Nazi evil GLOBAL DEPOPULATION attempt pushed along by known eugenicists. These horrible people are Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, the father of the current UK prime minister Boris Johnson, UK royals, and all the other assholes who call WE THE PEOPLE useless eaters.” How dare they play God. To the gallows with those murderous scumbags.

Anyway, here’s the non-affiliated link to The Defender for Children’s Health Defense website. The web page there has tons of eye-opening info for you, dear reader. Go on, enter this rabbit hole EXPOSING Big Pharma pure evil:

As always, do your own research and don’t wait for a knight in shining armor to come to the rescue because it’s really up to WE THE PEOPLE to do that.

Knowledge is Strength - Ignorance is Weakness

For those working in the health industry anywhere globally, get a BACKBONE and SHOUT OUT! It’s only a lousy job all said and done. Jobs are secondary to lives, especially in the health industry. Florence Nightingale would have YELLED THE TRUTH!

You know that inexpensive ivermectin and other BIOWEAPON alternatives WORK. Your creator will look after and reward you if you do the RIGHT THING for WE THE PEOPLE.

When you know, you know. When you know who is behind the genocidal VACCINE LOBBY, you’ll understand everything about the pre-planned HOLOCAUST 2020-2022. Go on, find out about Unitaid—Sick Luciferian shit from the Devil's arse from the Khazarian Mafia's Swiss bolthole in Geneva. Go on, do a search for that lousy website. This site won't give those devils link juice. Unitaid STINKS of PURE EVIL. There are many bad people in this world, and you see their influence on that brainwashing box in your living room every day. It's time to get real, people, and expose the scumbags behind the Covid-19 BIOWEAPON.