13 August 2021 - BBC Propaganda

Listen to this recording of a guy named John who amazingly got onto the scamming BBC's Jeremy Vine Show's phone-in on BBC radio channel 2. This is pure gold. While live on air, John called out the host Jeremy Vine and the BBC out on their biased propaganda:

If You Don't Know

In case you don't know, Vine has been on the Noon till 2 pm slot on Channel 2 since Jimmy Young stood down in 2002. Young, a former pop singer, was famous for his severe grilling and exposure of naughty politicians live on air. It seems that after 9/11, the BBC was infiltrated, and Young's radio slot was handed on a plate to the former news presenter and deep state swamp creature, Jeremy Vine.

Shortly after leaving and retiring from the BBC, Young wrote a newspaper column attacking the BBC for instances of "brutality." He made it clear that it had NOT been his decision to leave the BBC. He declined lunch with Vine and the pair never met.

Vine has held the radio slot for almost 20 years and NEVER grills politicians, likely on behest of PURE EVIL. He seems to have been planted in the show to make sure negative opinions during phone-ins never get aired - UNTIL THIS ONE:


See what cunning little bastards the BBC are? Vine says that the gov yellow card system isn't proof that jabs cause deaths. The VARS equivalent in the US does, which is underreported by 90%, and the yellow card system is likely underreported by that amount, too. The actual figure is closer to 15,000 deaths, not 1,500.

There's no mention that autopsies are no longer carried out on so-called COVID cases. No mention that the PCR test - the numbers on which the whole COVID scam are based - is now abandoned due to the CDC's admission of false positives. 

Vine is clearly a deep state shill who got really riled by John getting passed the BBC censors. He assumed John was on air because he got COVID after not taking the jab! Ha ha! Well done, John.

It was probably the first time that the brainwashed BBC radio listeners heard of jab deaths. A wakey-wakey moment! You can bet that Vine probably got the gullible BBC censors sacked after the show.

The tide is turning. The scamming BBC and the PURE EVIL-owned mainstream media are losing the ability to HIDE the truth. Soon, the lot will come down, and the real consequences of the DEATH JAB will be known to all. Then, judgment day will come.