BBC Caught Out Again

17 January 2023 – BBC caught out again

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has strangely come UNDER FIRE from Deep State-controlled, bribed, or blackmailed medics and physicians for interviewing a CARDIOLOGIST who said certain Covid vaccines COULD be behind excess deaths from coronary artery disease.

Bribed or blackmailed so-called medical 'experts' have criticized Dr. Aseem Malhotra’s appearance on a BBC news channel on Friday, 13 January 2023, accusing him of pushing “extreme fringe” views, which they say are “misguided,” “dangerous” and could mislead the public. NO, these paid or threatened fake experts ARE the MISLEADERS.

The Deep State-controlled so-called scientists (they aren't scientists – they're copy-and-paste lowly technicians), who still HAVEN'T isolated the hoax virus, have described the doctor as “hijacking” an interview on STATINS to air his views, causing dumbshit BBC staff to be “alarmed and friggin embarrassed” by their booking. (Not for the first time, and it certainly won't be the last. See later in this article).

Dr. Aseem Malhotra recently retweeted a video by MP Andrew Bridgen, who had the Tory whip removed on Wednesday after comparing the use of Covid vaccines to the Holocaust.

After criticizing new guidance on statins, he cited British Heart Foundation (BHF) figures that SUGGESTED there had been more than 30,000 excess deaths linked to heart disease since Covid first arrived.

Dr. Malhotra, a CARDIOLOGIST at ROC Private Clinic, said mRNA Covid vaccines play a role, saying his “own research” showed “Covid mRNA vaccines DO carry a cardiovascular risk.” He added that he has called for the vaccine rollout to be SUSPENDED pending an INQUIRY because of the “uncertainty” behind excess deaths.

The BHF has said that while Covid infections (they mean the common cold and flu) probably contributed significantly during the first year of the pandemic, ambulance delays, inaccessible care, and lengthy waiting lists are now the key factors. (The NHS crisis is CAUSED by the harm done by the experimental, Nuremberg Code-busting toxic jabs. The stupid BBC and the inane gutter press call it "Long Covid." No, it's the harmful SIDE EFFECTS caused by the non-placebo EUA jabs.)

Dr. Malhotra has become a vocal figure for HESITANCY about Covid vaccines, claiming they pose a GREATER threat than the virus itself – a view repeatedly debunked by fact-checkers. (Always fact-check the fact-check-checkers. Who is paying them? In the link here, the fact-checker is non-other than likely paid shill Marisha Goldhamer in Canada. Always be suspicious of people with surnames beginning with 'Gold.' Never, ever trust a Deep State-sponsored fact-checker. Any website using the term 'fact-check" is likely covering up something.)

On Friday, Dr. Aseem Malhotra reiterated his claim the jabs were a LIKELY cause of his FATHER ’S death.

Peter Openshaw, a professor of EXPERIMENTAL medicine at Imperial College London, was also interviewed by the panicking BBC nutjobs on that Friday. (Who is bribing or blackmailing Openshaw? Guess it's Big Pharma. Follow the money trail.)

He said: “I did a RAPID RESPONSE  (notice the mind control terminology) interview on the BBC news channel this morning to say that vaccine side effects VERY, VERY RARE in comparison with the preventable risks of Covid-19. (Openshaw is a liar. 30,000+ UK side effects are NOT RARE! The Swine flu vaccine was pulled after it caused Guillain-Barre Syndrome in just a FEW people. The Covid jab has already skyrocketed Guillain Barre syndrome cases in ALL jabbing frenzy countries, but the scamming BBC NEVER reports that.) The dumbshit BBC staff seemed ALARMED and EMBARRASSED that they had given him [Malhotra] a platform,” he tweeted. (Read the Deep State's junk Tweeted comments. It's all mind control). 

Dr Stephen Griffin, a virologist at the University of Leeds, said: “I am genuinely astonished by the BBC allowing someone with a known extreme fringe view on mRNA vaccines. (Extreme? Who controls Griffin? Big Pharma likely pays all these pro-clot shot scumbags. And what is EXTREME about asking for OPEN debate?)

Shill Griffin added, "And the extent to which they are associated with cardiovascular problems to either hijack an interview on a tenuously related topic to express these views or indeed to appear at all following even a cursory background check.”

Prof Marc Dweck, the chair of clinical cardiology at the University of Edinburgh, told the Guardian newspaper: “I think that Dr. Malhotra’s opinions on both statins and Covid vaccines are misguided and, in fact, dangerous. The vast majority of cardiologists do not agree with his views, and they are not based on robust science. (Dweck is likely yet another Deep State, WEF-controlled puppet. YOU CAN'T TRUST ANYTHING IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA THESE DAYS, especially when Dweck types haven't even got a sample of the Covid 19 virus from which a vaccine could be made. You have NO proof, Mister Dweck, that the virus exists. What does exist for REAL are the mRNA toxins in some of the BIOWEAPON jabs!)

Shill Dweck added: “I would strongly urge patients to disregard his [Dr. Malhotra's] comments, which seem to be more concerned with furthering his profile (he does not have a cardiology career to speak of) (Ahem... Mr. Dwerk, at the beginning of this article, it says: Dr. Malhotra is a CARDIOLOGIST at ROC Private Clinic) rather than the wellbeing of the public. The BBC should not provide a platform (he means the BBC should CENSOR Dr. Malhotra, so there's no open debate for his views) and should go to much greater lengths to research the people they invite to comment.”

(See how there is no OPEN debate? The scamming BBC are into this coverup right up to their bloody necks. All they have to do is show BOTH sides, but they won't because the BBC is Deep State owned. It's one of the German DVD Nazi, Rothschild, and Rockefeller Khazarian mafia's leading TRUTH-DISTORTING and WITHHOLDING mouthpieces.)

Dr. Matt Kneale, the co-chair of the Doctors’ Association, said Malhotra’s appearance was “deeply dangerous behavior” and called on the General Medical Council to take action. (Take action! You mean shut him up! Kneale is likely yet another WEF, Bill Gates bribed or blackmailed puppet who WON'T debate the issue because he's under orders, or else. And no one anywhere in the world has isolated the hoax Covid virus from which a vaccine can be made and carried out the necessary long-term clinical trials that PROVE the jab is safe and works. EUAs are a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY because they breach the Nuremberg Code.)

The BHF said: “The scientific consensus is that the benefits of Covid-19 vaccination, including a reduced risk of severe illness or death, far outweigh the very small risk of rare side-effects.” (That is a blatant LIE. There are 500,000+ and growing UK side effects alone. Add to that the rest of the world, and we EASILY see why the jabs are FAR WORSE than the Nazi Holocaust. There has been no long-term clinical trial done on this BIOWEAPON, as that's what it effing is. The deadly mRNA toxins, plus graphene oxide and the rest of the poisons, are put into SOME of the jabs. They were manufactured in UKRAINE'S Deep State-funded BIOWEAPON labs that the Russian Federation has now DESTROYED. Thank you, Vladimir Putin, for PREVENTING the planned SECOND plandemic as promised by 'Bill depopulation-crazy Gates' to finish off the genocide...

BBC caught out again

A BBC mouthpiece said: “Dr. Aseem Malhotra was invited on to the BBC News Channel to talk about the latest Nice recommendations on STATINS. During the discussion, he made unprompted claims about the Covid mRNA vaccine.

“We then asked Prof Peter Openshaw, who represents the overwhelming scientific consensus (that's a lie because there are loads of scientists and physicians THREATENED with being struck off or even they or their families KILLED by Deep State Khazarian mafia thugs if they speak out) on the vaccine, to be interviewed on-air on this topic and he challenged and rebutted the claims that had been made.”

Dr. Malhotra told the Guardian newspaper: “Medical science is ever-evolving – discussing new developments OPENLY is hard because the COMPLICIT media wants to only frame mRNA as right or wrong, to conflate mRNA vaccine debate as an entire attack on all vaccines, and to politicize views as left or right.

“I’ve promoted vaccines my entire career, including Covid vaccines on Good Morning Britain in early 2021. Labeling individuals who flag mRNA vaccine concerns as anti-vaxxers – pursuing personal attacks rather than analyzing the latest data (with now overwhelming evidence of SERIOUS and COMMON cardiac harms) and who FUNDS it – sows public distrust and leads to a DANGEROUS fall in safe vaccine uptake.”

Censoring BBC Caught Out Again

The BBC is a CENSORING Deep State outfit. Back in 2020, the BBC 2 noon-till-two Jeremy Vine Show, with its callers from the general public commenting on hot, usually political topics, was CAUGHT OUT when a caller told some home truths about the Covid hoax. Apparently, callers are VETTED before they go on air, but that particular caller told a WHITE LIE while being vetted that he was PRO-JAB, but when on-air, he bravely BLASTED OUT the OPPOSITE. Vine was RED-FACED and ANGRY. He probably SACKED the vetters who let that HERO air the truth that probably a MILLION listeners heard in Britain!

When the truth-hiding, censoring, scamming mainstream media shuts out OPEN debate, the truth HAS to come out by DECEIVING those controlling the airwaves. If that is what it takes to initiate OPEN DEBATE on the DANGERS of the jabs in order to WAKE the SLEEPING masses up to the actions of mass MURDERERS, then SO BE IT.

With today's DIGITAL WARRIORS, like this website that has no annoying in-yer-face ads and is free, and makes NO money WHATSOEVER, alternatives to the mainstream LIES CAN be heard, and sooner or later, the impure mainstream media WILL become HISTORY as people dump it EN MASSE and find the TRUTH for themselves

The curtain is gradually coming down on the Nazi mind control tactics used by the Orwellian gutter press, radio, social media censorship, and television.

Well, BBC, you will SOON get what you deserve: being DEPLATFORED. No more easy-money from outdated COMPULSORY license fees from ignorant but innocent viewers who after WW2 loved the then HONEST, TRUTH-TELLING AUNTIE BEEB. Today, the BBC is a fake news, DISHONEST, Khazarian mafia-infiltrated, woke, lefty namby-pamby, LBQWT, lying, scamming horrible entity full of deception and hoodwinking.

“BBC is the Virus”

At Least SIX BBC Buildings Across UK Covered with Photos of People WHO DIED from the COVID Jabs

BBC caught out again
BBC lies
Deplatform the BBC
BBC caught out again

Prediction: the loony left woke LGBQWT Jimmy Saville-supporting tainted scumbags in the BBC, and the entire stinking corporation will be no more come 2024/5. The total waste of money BBC license fee will be HISTORY.

On 17 January 2023, the esteemed BBC Pop Master, Ken Bruce, said he is leaving the Deep State-infiltrated corporation after 31 years on-air. He will take the popular Pop Master quiz show to an untainted, non-infiltrated radio channel. And about time too. Hope the listeners jump ship en masse. If the BBC was still the trusted 'Auntie Beeb,' would Ken be leaving? Go figure. Ken was never into inane politics, unlike Jeremy Vine, who replaced the popular politician griller, Jimmy Young, just as Deep State's war criminal Tony Blair was planted as the British Prime Minister.

Who killed David Kelly? Vine interviewed Alastair Campbell many times, British journalist, a buddy of cycling cheat Lance Armstrong, author, strategist, broadcaster, and activist known for his roles during Blair's leadership of the Labor Party. Dr. Kelly was a distinguished government scientist who tried to find weapons of mass destruction (WMD) of the kind used by the Blair administration to justify the 2003 Iraq invasion by the Deep State just two years after 9/11. The problem was Saddam Hussein DID NOT have any WMDs whatsoever, and Dr. Kelly somehow 'decided' to slash his wrists and commit suicide while taking a stroll in the Oxfordshire countryside. Vine gave Campbell much air-time about this issue. It's just a hunch. Go figure.

And there were Sergei Skripal's dodgy goings on to do with strange chemical gas canisters from Britain's Porton Down screwy chemical warfare secret establishment ending up in Syria via Germany, dah, dah, dah. Vine was all over that, and it was likely all mothballed. And that was in 2018, not long before the Covid hoax. You get these suspicions over time. One day the TRUTH will be disclosed by HONEST and GENUINE journalists that are strangely MISSING today. They will return when they aren't bribed or blackmailed by the mafia. You WON'T find any honest journalists at the heavily infiltrated BBC.

After every single Western WEF and Nazi-infiltrated government COLLAPSES, the LAST bastion of the Khazarian mafia Satanists to go down will be the Nazi-infiltrated, lefty woke, LGBQWT, falsehood-spreading, and truth-withholding MAINSTREAM MEDIA.

We are SICK of their LIES.