9/11 – Twenty Years of Madness

13 September 2021


What an underground nuclear explosion does to buildings directly above it...

The official version of 9/11 - "The collision of two planes with the two towers of the World Trade Center and the resulting pulverization, which led to the collapse of three buildings of the World Trade Center with beefed up with steel girders" - does NOT correspond with REALITY. Using witness statements, expert analysis, news footage, and supporting evidence, this version is now known to be a big effing LIE.

NO planes crashed into the TWIN TOWERS:

In the first, people MELTED to death in stairwells and others vainly plunged to their deaths trying to escape the pulverization. First responders poured into the towers to save lives, without knowing that they probably wouldn't come out alive.

Radiation poisoning and leukemia resulted from the aftermath of 9/11, all shoved under the carpet by the perpetrator's affiliates. 'Ground Zero' was smoldering many months after the attack. Behind that are the three UNDERGROUND  NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS that pulverized the Twin Towers and the WT7 Solomon Brothers building:

WT7 Building

BTW: The dictionary definition of 'Ground Zero' is the "Point of detonation of a NUCLEAR DEVICE." Remember that the U.S and the USSR both carried out countless underground nuclear weapon tests during the Cold War. Both superpowers had 'perfected' their underground nuke technologies. The Twin Towers were ONLY given permission to be built by the port authorities in the 1960s because the constructors had to have a 'satisfactory method' of PULLING THEM DOWN after the skyscrapers were no longer needed. That 'method' was by using UNDERGROUND NUKES, which was the done thing at the time. So, the nukes were ALREADY IN PLACE on 9/11. Not a lot of people know that. Those that do have kept their mouths shut.

The forgery of two passports at Ground Zero was used by a fake media narrative to blame the CIA-invented Al-Qaeda terrorists for the so-called 9/11 terrorist attack. It was in fact a bloody Deep State INSIDE JOB aided by the Israeli Secret Service. That led to the FAKE 'War on Terror' to justify the Patriot Act and the takedown of freedoms for people worldwide under the guise of concocted terrorism. It's all PURE EVIL'S doing and all about MONEY and the control of the narrative.

The then Mayor of New York, Rudolph William Louis Giuliani,  and many hundreds of 'Jewish' workers at the Twin Towers did NOT report for work on the fateful day of 9/11/2001. Go figure...

There are photos of a MISSILE that hit the most protected building in the world - THE PENTAGON - on 11 September 2001. A Granit missile smashed into the complex, NOT a Boeing 757:

The Kursk & Granit missiles

The territory of the Pentagon is completely covered with high-quality cameras. The stolen Granit missile by Israeli agents from the Soviet submarine 'The Kursk' that hit the Pentagon also 'accidentally' hit the area/section of the Pentagon where the Alliance was working. NO Boeing 757 plane crashed into the Pentagon. Even some reporters from the scamming mainstream media were amazingly skeptical about what happened at the Pentagon on that dreadful day. In the end, everything that contradicted the narrative was CLEANED UP by the Deep State scumbags, just as they're TRYING to do now with regard to ELECTION FRAUD and the GENOCIDAL HOAX COVID jabs.

Now you know why we're living through WW3 twenty years after 9/11. THIS IS NOT A JOKE...

The White Hats are EXPOSING the culprits behind the 9/11 event. Justice is coming...

  • Pedowood
  • Assassinations
  • Child and human trafficking
  • Mass migration
  • Nazi mass media mind control
  • Untruthful school education
  • Money printing
  • Afghanistan heroin
  • Destruction of the Middle East
  • Big Pharma money-making vax scams
  • Chinese style communism
  • New World Order
  • Nazi EU
  • HAARP weather warfare
  • 5G depopulation genocide
  • Fake global warming
  • Destruction of economies

The above is just a PART of the result of the Deep State PURE EVIL scumbags' control of the world since 9/11. Insouciant people the world over have ALLOWED these things to happen.

It's time to take our planet back from these black devils.

BTW: the British Empire was Pax Britannica. That was when Britain ruled the waves and set up the British Commonwealth. Then came Pax Americana, during which the United States dominated the world with the petrodollar and its mighty military.  After the recent Afghanistan debacle, Pax Americana is no more. The idea WAS for Israel - the Chosen Ones - to take over and rule the world - Pax Judaica. That was the New World Order, with American might being transferred to Jerusalem after the Middle East was conquered by the now 'clot shot' Israel. Oh, effing Hell - it's not effing working! Notice that both Britain and the U.S. also have high clot-shot figures...

The world is changing. History is being made.

The Deep State Swamp runs so deep!  911 was a DISTRACTION in order to:

  • Hide their "loss" of $2.3 trillion
  • Cover up for the unfolding Enron scandal
  • Give Bush buddies...Haliburton...a $100 Billion Contract
  • Larry Silverstein insurance payout was $4.5 Billion
  • Get Rothchild Central Banks into Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Hide/Hoard the GOLD that was once ours!
  • Prevent the rollout of NESARA (a law signed under the now-defunct USA Inc.)

(This is only the shortlist...)

And these evil people KILLED innocent lives to protect and enrich the corrupt ELITE.

Since Trump took office we now know:

  • We have our Gold returned πŸ₯³
  • The swamp monsters got GITMOED πŸ’₯
  • President Trump's Greatness will eventually unfold!β€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŒŽ