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With the 'official' passing away of QE2, the world has moved into the next phase of recovery

Cornered Rats are Unpredictable

The Khazarian Mafia is fighting tooth and nail to keep control of the infiltrated West. It is cornered. And like a cornered rat, it will do anything to escape.

The KM scumbags killed the UK Queen with a directed energy weapon because she opposed their goal of killing 95% of humanity and enslaving the rest. The British secret services and military are pissed off with the KM. The heir to the throne, who is tainted with pedophilia and the murder of Diana, has to abdicate. Rumor is that funeral preparations are under way. As a KM stooge, Charles III removal will be another nail in the KM's coffin. The Brits have much soul-searching to do with their messed-up monarchy. Princes Harry and William have much work to do to convince a growing skeptical public that they are worthy of the Crown as the UK fights the attack on it by the German DVD Nazis, and Swiss and German branches of the KM, who are desperate to keep the UK within the collapsing EU.

The KM scumbags have lost control of South America and Africa, much of the Middle East, and the Far East. Both Russia and China have told them to piss off. All the KM can now do is use corrupt NATO to hire and bribe mostly US and British mercenaries with millions of fake fiat funny money dollars churned out on toilet paper by infiltrated Central Banks. These dumbshit mercenaries have been sent into Ukraine and other countries bordering Russia, which is why Russia has brought in an extra 300,000 troops. The mercenaries stand no chance in the coming skirmishes as they are not officially and therefore logistically backed in this proxy war. The actual military in the corrupt West ain't gonna go to war against Russia. Besides, most US military personnel are on food handouts thanks to KM-plant fake President Biden's destruction of the US military. The US Air Force isn't gonna fly into oblivion. And Turkey, the biggest NATO supplier of arms after the US, has sided with the East, not the KM-infiltrated West.

The fake mask-wearing KM asset Pope Francis imposter is almost finished. Once he goes, it'll truly be game over for the KM. He's been begging for money from China and Russia recently but was told to piss off. That's why the KM-infiltrated Vatican is calling in cash before the Sept 30 deadline.

But the KM still has its plants in Israel and Iran. The Ayatollah is a KM asset. Once the young Persians kick the ruling religious nut jobs out, they will be free. Israel has to surrender and back off from its global terrorism. Mossad knows the game is over and Israel must seek sanctuary under Turkey's umbrella.

The US Corporation was declared bankrupt in 2019, yet that dirty, filthy KM-infiltrated murderous outfit continues to print fake dollars. Suppliers have had enough and no longer accept toilet paper money, so the corporation will never meet its repayments. So, Sept 30 thru Oct 14, when the final nail will be hammered into the corporation's coffin, will likely be when the KM, as a cornered rat, will go for the throat and attempt to escape with a crazy 9/11 or Fukushima type of event. Maybe all the Western bank ATMs will cease working? That'll get most Western dumbshits’ attention and to see life as it REALLY is.

No more fake funny money.

The holed-up Khazarian Mafia criminal bosses in Switzerland, which include the heads of the French and Swiss Rothschilds (not the British wing seemingly, as that sided with the queen) and the Rockefellers, will have to face reality: they are no longer in control of their global criminal empire.

Dirty Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the truth censoring lousy scumbag internet setups, will be hauled before criminal courts where they will meet their doom. Likewise, the heads of the KM-infiltrated lying, scamming mainstream media will get their comeuppance.

The KM-controlled WHO and its big pharma assets will face Nuremberg-like trials for their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY with their death jabs. The same will happen to dirty KM-controlled asset management outfits like BlackRock and Vanguard, who are trying to destroy food chains so that people will starve. They also control the energy sector and will try to freeze people to death in the northern hemisphere this coming winter with its energy price hikes so that people can't afford to keep warm. And it has purposely cut off gas supplies. Those scumbags will be executed.

But it's all gonna get tough for every Western dumbshit between now and the end of October 2022 as the cornered KM rat tries to escape. And even if it somehow does, there's nowhere for it to go apart from into its dirty sewer, where it will die and rot away.

Only then will the world be liberated from slavery, blackmail, bribery, conflict, child and human trafficking, mass migration, and corruption.

But it's up to everyone to get off their backsides and go for those Devil-worshiping, election rigging and stealing criminal scumbags.

Done right, this planet can be a paradise. There's nowt like planet Earth for many, many light years.

Rubber masks dupe dumbshits

Recall the Planet of the Apes movies:

Planet of the Apes 1968

Latex technology has advanced ENORMOUSLY since 1968. Maskies are here, and it's all one great big movie script as humanity moves into an era WITHOUT blackmail, bribery, avarice, and crippling taxation by a select ELITE ruling few and KM-infiltrated governments. That's why ALL governments are falling.

The three obelisk 'states within states' (City of London, Washington DC, Vatican) have been taken down.

2023: military tribunals, public disclosure, and the end of the EU. The end of fiat funny money as all returning European currencies get parity with the ROW and are commodity-backed. Worldwide, six billion Q-phones will be distributed for free. Medbeds are coming.

 [1] CW, BF

UPDATE SEPT 29, 2022

Remember that TWO global financial resets WERE going on.

One was the Khazarian Mafia's digital currency globalist Orwellian dystopian crap pushed by the UN, WEF, and old-school scumbags who create wars and conflicts, false flags, lockdowns, plandemics, fake news, carbon climate change BS, price hikes, energy, and food shortages, hyperinflation, taxation, etc. These are the Satanist adrenochrome-eating, drug pushing, child and human trafficking, money-laundering scumbags, and gangsters that bribe and blackmail to get their way.

The other is where all countries and territories will get back what the KM has stolen from them since the end of the US civil war. All nations will get commodity-backed currencies and have returned what has been stolen from them by the scumbags. The whole of Africa and South America will be reimbursed.

This reset is the one that is coming and cannot be stopped. The former is now being EXPOSED, and pain will be felt in the dumbshit West as the truth about the KM's plot to kill 95% of humans and enslave the rest is released little by little. If it were released all at once, there would be bloody mayhem.

There WILL be a black swan event and PANIC. It might be the threat of nuclear war or massive disruption to the energy supply industry. But it's all about WAKING the Western dumbshits up from the theft and fakery they have been living in behind the smokescreen of democracy.

All governments WILL collapse. The EU is falling apart. The evil KM asset management outfit empires will crash as their fiat money vanishes. The US and UK Corporations are already gone – bankrupt. Everyone will see what life WOULD have been like had the KM Satanists brought in their pre-planned globalist reset where people would be THEIR slaves and sex toys and own nothing while living in a crap digital fake world with no freedom and with everyone monitored and terminated before they reach pension age.

Instead, Gesara is coming, and with it, abundance for everyone as this beautiful planet finally starts to get healed. Life will flourish as the Earth is released from QUARANTINE.

Remember this: the Earth is just a speck in a colossal universe. It is NOT the center of anything.

It had to be this way. Had dumbshits woken up earlier (like in the 1870s) and kicked out the Khazarian criminals, all this would NOT have happened. But they have been living in a fake world full of lies and deceit by the Khazarian gangsters now running corporations, secret services, and governments with worthless printed paper money. People have been brainwashed by their KM-controlled mainstream media of TVs, radio, the gutter press, and now dirty censoring search engines, social media, and video websites that pump out scare stories after scare stories to keep people confused, mind-controlled, and comatose. It's all deep state crap.

Pax Britannica and Pax Americana are over. The KM-planned Pax Judaica to take over and rid the world of 95% of people so that they, as slave masters from the former Khazaria (Ukraine), would be the new pharaohs. But it has all BLOWN UP in their faces.

Exposure of the truth is now coming, and there is eff all the deep state can now do about it. It's too late. They will try to escape like cornered rats but have nowhere to run to. They are TRAPPED. They WILL be exposed.

Expect mayhem and madness as Judgement Day approaches. Nuremberg 2.0 trials are coming. Hopefully (but no one knows the exact timing), that day will arrive before 2024 is out. In the meantime, watch your six.


And now the referendum result:

Foreign Ministry’s statement on the referendums in the DPR, LPR, Kherson, and Zaporozhye regions

On September 23-27, the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions held referendums on their accession to the Russian Federation. The voting results have been tabulated, with the overwhelming majority supporting unification with Russia – 99.23 percent in the DPR, 98.42 percent in the LPR, 93.11 percent in the Zaporozhye Region, and 87.05 percent in the Kherson Region. The turnout was as follows: 97.5 percent in the DPR, 92.6 percent in the LPR, 85.4 percent in the Zaporozhye Region, and 76.9 percent in the Kherson Region.

Despite the provocations of the KM scumbags in Kiev that gave criminal orders to massively shell areas where civilians gather, people were NOT afraid to come to the polls and express their will.

The results of the plebiscite speak for themselves – the residents of Donbass, as well as the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, DON'T want to return to their former life. They have made a conscious and free choice in FAVOR of Russia.

In fact, they had NO alternative left. Far from all, people in Ukraine acquiesced and accepted the coup in Kiev in February 2014 that brought to power Nazis that unleashed a bloody fight against those that would not accept it in the southeast of the country.

The signing of the Minsk agreements APPROVED by a UN Security Council resolution DIDN'T rescue the situation. As Ukrainian representatives are cynically saying now, the KM Nazis in Ukraine were NEVER going to honor them from the very start and were preparing for war.

For eight friggin years, the population of Donbass was subjected to persistent and cynical attempts to DESTROY them. The decision of the residents of Donbass, the Kherson, and Zaporozhye regions to seek PROTECTION from Russia was a natural result of the inhumane policy pursued by the Nazis in Kiev.

The referendums took place in FULL conformity with the standards and principles of INTERNATIONAL LAW. The people of Donbass and the south of Ukraine exercised their LAWFUL RIGHT to self-determination in accordance with the UN Charter, the 1966 international human rights covenants, the 1975 OCSE Helsinki Final Act, and the verdict of the UN International Court of Justice on Kosovo on July 22, 2010. The latter confirmed that the unilateral proclamation of independence by a part of a state does NOT violate any norms of international law.

International observers from Italy, Germany, Venezuela, Latvia, and other countries (overall, 133 people) monitored the course of the referendums and recognized them as LEGITIMATE.

Foreign experts, bloggers, journalists, and representatives of public organizations are thanked for their courage, integrity, and objectivity.

We are now entering a CRITICAL stage to translate into life the desire of the residents of the DPR, LPR, and the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions to be together with Russia.

Because of the overwhelming massive referendum result, it looks like the dirty KM, via its mostly US and British lousy money-hungry mercenaries, have blown up Nord Stream natural gas pipelines feeding Europe. This looks like the aforementioned black swan event.

The demolition of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines in the Baltic Sea is seen as one of the most outrageous and evil acts of terrorism and sabotage in the history of our world.

Fake president Joe Biden, the Russophobic State Department KM official Victoria Nuland, and GOP KM Senator Ron Johnson, are all on the record demanding the Nord Stream pipelines be taken out, implying they will use any means necessary to achieve that outcome. Really? Ever heard of double and triple agents?

On June 14, 2022, Sea Power Magazine reported that the US Navy's 6th Fleet Task Force 68 was running UNDERWATER EXPLOSIVES removal drills in the EXACT area where these sabotage EXPLOSIONS took place.

The thing is, if, as sources say, the military is in charge in ALL countries, this sabotage event is a bit too obvious. It's clear that it was a professional job deep on the bottom of the Baltic. So, putting 1 + 1 together, and since QE2 was killed, as sources say, by the Nazi German DVD, then this looks like an offensive to punish Germany. Theories are not facts, but Ian Fleming's character could have done that.

No matter what's really going on, it's likely actually all part of the GREAT AWAKENING. Even if it's not a KM sabotage act, it has blown up in the KM's face, and it's gonna take the blame.

Europeans will now FEEL the HURT they have caused to other continents by their fake fiat money systems that have EXPLOITED others in order to maintain their cushy, now useless lifestyles. Westerners are spoilt with digital playthings, wokism, transgender and homo nonsense, and tons of useless crap. And their kids continue to be brainwashed at schools with lies and mainstream BS to become future KM fodder.

It is time for kids to begin THINKING FOR THEMSELVES as big KM-controlled corporations like BASF lose their stranglehold. It is the KIDS, not their parents, not the aging baby boomers of post WW2, that are the future. They must re-learn how to look after the world they were born into and cease exploiting countries on the other side of the planet for instant gratification.

They have to EXPERIENCE hurt so that nothing like human trafficking, devil worshiping, adrenochrome eating, election rigging, and Nuremberg Code-breaking activities will NEVER happen again.

Today's third-rate leaders, mercenaries, gangsters, and blackmailing and bribing corporate exploiters will soon be history. Their dirty money-making legacies must NEVER be forgotten or repeated.

Intel just in reports that a significant historical event occurred September 24 as expected. Clue: the US Dollar, the Euro, and Sterling are now at parity. Hint, hint... it's the long-awaited REVALUATION of currencies before the QFS takes over. That is great news.

Also, just in, the dirty, filthy KM asset management outfits BlackRock and Vanguard have just filed for bankruptcy. How sweet. Recall that September 30 is the DEADLINE for the bankrupt US Corporation to pay the eye-watering trillions it owes its creditors, hence the bankruptcy filings. Hmm. Exciting times are coming as the gangsters get their comeuppance.

It's all in the endgame for the Satanists who have been controlling and pillaging the planet for ages.

Also just in, the guillotine has now been confirmed to have been used on traitors behind the rigged 2020 presidential election and Convid scam. All their expensive properties in California are now up for sale. Remember GITMO? Well, it's all true.

Also just in, sources say half the Western banks are gonna close as the fiat fake money dries up. Expect days of darkness if your bank is one of those. But don't worry because the QFS has everything mirrored as commodity-backed currencies come back. Remember 1 US Note = 1 Pound Sterling = 1 Dutch Guilder = 1 Frank = 1 Peseta = 1 Kruggerand = 1 DMark = 1 Italian Lira = 1 Ruble = 1 Aussie Dollar = 1 Zim etc., etc., etc. No more financial betting scams because they are now all based on commodities.

A future of peace and abundance awaits those who ascend. It's unlikely that a nightmarish WEF dystopian future will come now that the KM has LOST the war. But those dumbshits who remain blinkered and ignore the truth, thinking that the likes of KM-controlled CNN and the BBC are the mouthpieces of truth, will have to undergo much re-education. They have to be made to understand that money isn't everything. They must stop relying on others to tell them what to do.

Also just in, UK banks have ceased giving new mortgages. Why? Because the mortgage industry has been a fraud since day 1, and the KM scumbags behind it are going to face their judgment. Corrupt UK Gov ministers and the independent state of the City of London were in on the scam for years, but now that Lloyd's shareholders have been re-educated, shit has hit the fan in the corrupt banking industry. You can't print money anymore now that the QFS has arrived.

The mainstream media has to be pulled, and people must be taught to do their own research – to use their brains.

This web page will remain static here while the criminal Western banking system shuts down and is replaced by a commodity-backed quantum system