Hillary Clinton Arrested

Hillary Clinton Arrested

By Michael Baxter – March 4, 2021

Clinton Arrested

US Navy SEALS raided Hillary Clinton’s Chappaqua, NY estate and arrested her on charges of TREASON, DESTRUCTION OF GOVERNMENT PROPERTY, and AIDING AND ABETTING THE ENEMY.

According to a source, the arrest happened on Tuesday night.

Only hours earlier, Trump had spoken to Rear Admiral Hugh W. Howard at US Special Operations Command and had given him a “mammoth trove” of evidence of Clinton’s criminality. That dated back to her days at the State Department.

The evidence allegedly includes thousands of never-before-seen emails, which Clinton acid washed before the 2016 presidential election.  

Also, documents implicate her in plots to assassinate Republican legislators across the country.

Compelling Evidence

Our source added that the evidence was so compelling that Adm. Howard had trouble believing that Clinton wasn’t arrested years ago.

“Trump’s been wanting to get her and the rest of the Deep State cabal, ever since he set foot in the White House.

It has taken him years to dig up the motherload. But, once he had military support, he greenlit the operation.

For lack of a better word, Trump’s team had been surveilling Clinton for a long time. He knew she was always alone on Tuesday nights. That’s when the SEALS nabbed her,” our source said.

Under the Cover of Darkness

Under cover of darkness, an eight-man detachment from Naval Special Warfare Group 3 infiltrated the Chappaqua mansion shortly after 2:00 am.

Mysteriously, Hillary Clinton’s two-man Secret Service detail, which usually lives in a guest house on the property, was absent that morning.

The SEALS cleared the main building, then silently breached the door to her bedroom, where they found her awake rehearsing a speech before a vanity mirror.

They fired a single tranquilizer dart into her neck, our source said, before taping her mouth and sealing a black cloth bag over her head.