October 1, 2017


I am testing Thrive Architect from Thrive Themes. Up until about a month ago (August 2017), the Thrive content builder was fine to work with. Then this upgrade was released. It has issues, but I am sure that the creators are patching up snags and bugs reported by users. The welcome message above is a fancy header created with Architect. Not bad.

Thrive Themes

I struggled to emulate the text padding that I use with the previous software. Thrive Architect has all the padding controls in the menu panel. It takes time to get used to it and to get it to produce the required results. The above image is the Thrive Themes logo using a black border.

The space above is caused by a carriage return in this paragraph text block. I feel that it is too large, hence why I format a text block first and then use copies of it for later paragraphs. It looks like the default setting for a carriage return in Architect is two line heights, which I feel is somewhat OTT.

Anyway, I believe I have now cracked this. By the way, Architect can be used to tailor formatting for mobile versions of web pages

This is padded at -30 below the previous paragraph. Font size 18. Line height 1.5

This is a test page using Thrive architect. This ia a paragraph that is positioned under the above line at -30 padding. Font size 14. Line height 1.2.

This is a copy of the preceding paragraph at -30 padding.

This is a NEW paragraph at -20 padding.

So you see, it is possible to control text formatting with Thrive Architect. This is 16 font. Line height 1.2. -30 padding at the top and zero below. Look at this cool shadowed paragraph holder.

Let's see what else Architect can do. Here is a progress bar:

Add text ​​​​​​​​​​here

Cool, eh?

Let's mess about with an image:

Rocky shore

Thi​s site's background image

Fancy shadow effect at the bottom. This is one of a choice of image effects available with Architect.

How about a link to another website? A friend of mine runs the British Wildlife Facts site.

How about a video?

What else can be done with Architect? Let's see some buttons: 

Notice the neat shadow effect that appears when the button is hovered over. Here's another button:

This one has a nice colour gradient. The colour can easily be changed:

Now let's put some text on a video background:


All very cool stuff. 

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